Where are the golden keys?

What’s up with the golden keys in bld3? Since Sept. 14 there have been only 6 shift codes issued for a total of 6 golden keys. Each code has only 1 key, compared to bld2 which usually had 5 keys per code and much longer periods of time before they expired. The bld3 codes are only good for 24 hours or less. So, if you’re not constantly checking for codes, you’ll probably miss them. Personally I’d rather be spending my time playing the game than going on key hunts constantly. Or perhaps I’m missing something? Hopefully it’s something like that.

as bad as the loot has been from the chest you aren’t missing much. want a box full of bad mods and grenades? boy do they have a deal for you.

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Yeah, I have to agree with you, the loot I got from the chest was mainly only good for cashing in for a few bucks.

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There were more codes, cause I have around 38 keys.

At beginning all codes were for 1 key, that how it was for BL2 and TPS. Only after certain time the quantity was increased to 3 and 5 keys per code, and I’m pretty sure the same will be with BL3. And later they will add BL3 golden keys to VIP site.

When new Borderlands games start, GB is pretty stingy with the keys, and usually release them as time-limited.

With BL2 they claimed they needed to test the system, so the timed keys made sense. With TPS they also claimed they needed to release time-limited keys to test the system - it made a lot less sense that time, but we all pretended it made sense. With BL3, despite having the SHIFT system in place for 7 years, they still pretend they can only release time-limited keys on twitter because they need to “test” the system. It doesn’t make sense.

Except it makes perfect sense if you know even 1% of how marketing works. Gearbox and Randy want to have more twitter followers. If you are on twitter, they now have the ability to beam info directly into your brain. If you aren’t normally, then you a nice friendly “real” bot that can pad their numbers and make them look more impressive, or they can convert you into another one of their brain-beamable-followers.

So, right now, SHIFT keys are being leverage by GB as a marketing tool exclusively to pad their twitter numbers. Once the excitement around the game starts to die down, their numbers start to drop, they’ll start throwing out keys as incentives instead - just like they did with the prior games. Right now they know you’re gonna play anyway - no point to open the golden key spigot until they need to sweeten the deal to get you to come back.

So, for now, your only real way to get keys is to follow on twitter so their PR team gets a bonus (and sit around watching twitter like a social media addicted addlebrain, because the time limits can be as little as a couple hours). If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, then just wait a couple months. They’ll eventually be like candy.

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I follow @DuvalMagic and @dgSHiFTCodesBL3 on Twitter. They’re the only 2 I have notifications on my phone turned on for. That way every time a code is posted I get notified. No hunting necessary. If I’m playing at the time it goes off I just redeem it in game. If not I simply go to the site from my phone and redeem it there. I have roughly 35 keys and have used a couple since launch.

And as @gizmo98 stated, this is the normal routine for Borderlands games. You can likely expect an increase in the amount of keys and length of time for which they’re valid to increase, at some point in the future.

Hope that info can help you in some way. Happy Looting Vault Hunter!