Where are the great new characters?

Since day 1 I’ve been having a very good time playing this Borderlands 3. I’ve been a fan of the Borderlands universe since the first minute I played the first one, and I literally spent thousands of hours playing these games.
Gameplay wise I love this new iteration: from movements to gun feelings, and each new VH (I play M3 with the four of them).
But while I think the people in charge of gameplay did a wonderful job, I don’t feel the same about the story / characters side of the game…
Borderlands introduced us to iconic characters like Moxxi, Marcus, Zed, Scooter, TK Baha… and of course Claptrap
Borderlands 2 brought us Jack, Tina, Mr Torgue, Ellie…
The Pre-Sequel gave us an all new take on Jack, Torgue love of lasers, Springs and even Nurse Nina
I’m not talking dlc there, only base game (otherwise Knoxx, Tina, Torgue, Claptrap… )…

Am I the only one finding B3 is a letdown in that area? Known characters are surfing on ideas from previous games (Torgue guitar solos, Tina’s Boom Town…) but where are the NEW ideas?


What, you’re not blown away by the incessant use of the word “turd” as the biggest new idea in the series? :wink:


Well Borderlands 3 has Ada and the Underwear guy.

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Technically underwear guy was introduced in Tales from Borderlands, so he’s not exactly new either. Same with mustache CEO guy. But they are new to BL2/TPS players that don’t do adventure games, so I concede that. I do like both of them, though (I hated BL3 Vaughn so much at first but he grew on me).

Katagawa was a fun side plot villain. The Calypsos are trash. Pain and Terror were fun but mainly because of who they were based on. None are particularly iconic except for maybe Pain and Terror because they were already iconic IRL.

Ava needs some work to make me like her. I like Wainwright a lot, actually. I liked Clay even more. Lorelei was temporarily fun but I don’t take her seriously as a character at all. (Barrista assassin? Seriously?). Typhon was okay, but with his place in the story he could have been anybody. None of them were particularly iconic either, but I think with a bit more development Clay could get there - especially after learning all his history as a smuggler.


Yep, I found the run on Eden 6 was the closest to what I was hoping.


Rhy was the protagonist in Tales, & Underwear guy Vaughn was his nerd friend.

Rhy could be a key NPC, & shown his growth to boss of a major corporation, but they made him to comic relief.
I also hate what they do to Tyhon. Could be presented as a strong character in the overly ‘Siren’ focus story. But the purposely made him ugly and for what basically 3 sec of ‘joke’ ploy twist ( opposed to the Indiana Jones character portraited in posters)
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think every major character need to have superhero looks & build, but its an obvious attempt to make him look ugly. If you didn’t think they did it purposly, they make sure you know by saying how being ugly is an advantage.

Of course it was on purpose. He literally says “Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.” He constantly explains how things that most people think as disadvantages can be used to your advantage.

I don’t disagree with that message, nor do I mind having him subvert your expectations, so it didn’t bother me.


Off the top of my head, I like Wainwright, Clay, Typhon (despite the constant turd references - but hey, he was a turd farmer!), Lorelei, and Katagawa. BALEX is ok. I thought Mouthpiece was one of the better villains for the limited game time he got. I’d have liked to have seen more of him.

Still only completed one full story play-through, so it will take a while for the rest to get sorted.


If that was the case, then it was poor messaging.

These days, people don’t seems to understand, inclusivity is the opposite of emphasizing that you are inclusive of various group of people. Its about NOT emphasizing!

I’m a pretty big critic of shoehorning political correctness into games/media, but a message of “You can be a hero no matter who you are, as long as you know who you are and use your personal strengths” is motivational, not politically correct.

I mean, you can find that message in media going back decades, if not the entirety of the history of modern media. There’s nothing wrong or subversive about telling your audience they can be awesome, no matter who they are, if they put their mind to it.


There is a difference between saying “you can achieve what you want, if you put your heart to it”, then saying, “you are ugly, dumb, etc but its fine, you can still succeed!”

Its not the message is bad, its how it is being delivered.

That’s not the message though. Typhon wasn’t dumb. He explained that he was smart, so he used that to his advantage. He explained that being small and ugly also gave him an advantage when being stealthy. He went over all his flaws and all his strengths and explained how they helped or hindered him. He also repeated how important it was to know yourself.

Their message isn’t even that you can “achieve what you want, if you put your heart to it”, because that would be politically correct ■■■■■■■■. His message is specifically that you need to know yourself, you need to use your strengths and weaknesses correctly, and you have to hustle, no matter who you are.

It sounds like you just weren’t paying attention or had a preconceived notion of what they were trying to convey. Or both.


I am giving you an example, I wasn’t especially referring to Typhon. You are replying to a point I never made.

The turd references actually go beyond Typhon. At various points during the playthrough, multiple characters (playable and NPCs) say it at least once, including one NPC in Sanctury who’s constantly talking about turd farms. Someone on the writing staff seems to have a real preoccupation. I’m still a little underwhelmed by the game while acknowledging they did make big improvements with some of the mechanics, but to me, the humor and characterizations suffered most in the jump from 2/TPS to 3. Ultimately the Typhon voice actor sold it enough that I can deal with it, but when I frequently hear it from other characters, I start getting a headache from the eye rolls. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: The PC Gamer review (I think) took notice of this obsession as well.


Wainwright is easy the best character for me. Hope to see more of him, maybe in a DLC. Also, another round bunkers and badasses with tina. But that´s just wishful thinking.


Agreed, Wainwright’s the best new character to me. I also like Clay, am ambivalent at best about Ava (maybe she’ll be fleshed out better in DLC?) and can’t stand Vaughn. I’ve gotten all of my toons to Sanctuary and found I was muting all interactions with him on the last two. The one continuous vehicle map with him is utter torture. Simply put, I’m not a fan of CH’s voice acting.

Typhon makes me smile because listening to his accent lets me believe I still live in NY. :blush:

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Wainwright and Clay were the only two new characters I liked. I dislike a lot of the old characters in 3.


Vaughn could really use some pants…

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I really liked Wainwright, Typhon, and Ava. And several bit part side quest NPCs.


Vaughn (underwear) was in BL2.