Where are the guys at?

There’s a lot of badass women in borderlands 3, that’s good! Where are all the badass guys? It’s almost like every guy I meet is mentally unstable, insane, completely stupid or has some other such problem – well major ones anyway. As a guy, this is killing my enjoyment of the game

@mods could you please provide a reason that is relevant to this thread before closing? Just saying that “Everyone at gearbox is a lesbian, no further discussion required” is not relevant nor a reason. If I have violated any rules, please let me know.


Cough - Torgue in DLC - Cough

There is a confirmed Character from the BL2 series that has not appeared yet in BL3 so it is possible that it could be Torgue or it could be the apparently much anticipated Kreig or someone else but hopefully we get a cool new Mister Torgue DLC.

Well he wasn’t there in the game I did play.

They’re pretty badass


Badass Guys in BL3:

Zer0, Clay, Wainwright Jakobs, Chadd, Brick, Mordecai, arguably Typhon DeLeon.

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Zane is a player character, and is not a part of most playthroughs – this topic is about NPCs (although that may not have been clear from my post)

Also, in bl3 player characters simply do not exist in the story – or at least can’t actually affect anything, and do not contribute to plot.

Oh I’m so sorry you’re hurt by females being powerful and feel so under represented.

@Curmudge0n @Hattie why do we even bother with these posts anymore? They always end up the same way


This again? Please read the last thread of yammering about the lack of strong males and kindly do not start new ones.

Thanks a lot.

And, look here:

@Piemanlee Maybe we could talk about something more interesting, like the weather at the South Pole.


I was under the impression that Zer0 is a robot or at least unknown. I’m happy he returned, he was my most played char.

The rest are, uh, seriously minor characters and our interactions with them is limited to a very, very small fraction of game time. Every major guy character in the – IDK core group you could call it is slow for lack of a better word.

Let’s add Rhys to that; and Vaughn; Troy is pretty badass if decidedly villainous; Katagawa doesn’t fit any of the objections raised in OP.

If these two things count out characters from being awesome, you’re not gonna have much luck in the Borderlands universe my friend :wink:

I’m not sure Rhys fits that - most of the first part of the game is about him - and Typhon is in every map.


You are the only one hurt by anything here.

Read OP carefully, or at least in passing, it does not disparage female characters. Read the first line at least.

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Oh I’m sorry the opinion of a paying customer that isnt disparaging females anywhere in the OP or this thread is so offensive to you.

Do talk about the more interesting weather at South Pole in a separate thread, this one is obviously not for you.

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It’s been roundly agreed, by the very well-informed people that had this debate last week, that gearbox are all splendid lesbians.

No further discussion required.