Where are the mods at?

So recently I’ve moved to a different computer and I was looking to download mods such as the fast travel mod and Tfc and so on, but when looking for them I noticed two things, one that the forum had changed and two that they were nowhere to be found, is this because they’ve changed the website and some stuff had been forgotten or that "they’ don’t want any custom content. Also if anyone see’s this is it possible for some one to give me dlc fast travel mod please.

All old links should work, just add ‘old’ before adress. (oldforums.gearboxsoftware.com)

Here you go…



Thank you guys, I never saw the notification saying about the old stuff, thanks a lot.

Copying across a related thread - see my comment about map download links- am hoping some of those devs will see it :smile:

Copying across my list of BL1 custom map links: Borderlands 1 Custom Map Links HERE!