Where are the new heroes?

hey there!! ive been hanging around the battleborn forums for awhile (even played in the ctt) but have never managed to work up the courage to post here until now, so my apologies if this has come up before and i somehow missed it

i’ve been wondering about this for some time now: when can we expect more heroes to be announced?? i was hoping it’d become a regular thing as characters such as ambra, mellka, benedict etc were officially being announced on twitter, but that dropped off (maybe this was all in preparation for the ctt??)

on that note, there isn’t a definite date for the open beta yet, but will we have met them all and have access to them by then?? i know in general some people have become rly disappointed w/ devs over the years for overhyping their games while theyre months away from release and revealing too much, but im dying for some news!!

show us the battlebarn


Sorry joke :stuck_out_tongue:

But ontopic; Did you see Whiskey Foxtrot and Empress Lenore ? I did hear somewhere that there will be some heroes that will stay a secret until the game ships. But since that game has been delayed i think some big announcements /unveils also have been pushed back.

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They’d want to keep some unrevealed characters. Either for the release, or for the 6 months between now and then. There’s still a beta in this time.

I´m very excited, but I think its more than generously from GBX to reveal 16 from 25 chars in advance. I mean, if they give every detail away before release it would be rather boring. At least thats my opinion. Of course in BL1 & BL2 we had all chars annonced upfront, but that were only 4 at the release. Here we have a rather bigger number.
My best guess is they reveal the one or another in the next 3-6months left to the release, or maybe even keep them a secet until the release.

Another thought: Since BB has a big storymode, perhaps the left characters are vital for the storytelling and progress of the story. Maybe it would spoil the storyflow to reveal one of them.
Many chars need to be unlocked by playing certain missions and are parts of the storytelling, so its possible some chars get aviable in turningpoints of the story.

Only more reason to join the hypetrain and stay excited!:heart: