Where are the new skins?

Hello everyone!
After the last big patch was added to the game new skins.
I don’t saw any yet. Do you? Is nice? Which one?
Share some pictures if you can.

Alani has the new skins.


Pretty sure they are just like the tier 1 skins, I.e. You have to get them out of the faction packs for 1900 credits

I know. I bought many and nothing new. I want to see.

Yea I’d like to see them too but it’s just down to luck of the draw whether you get them out of faction packs or not

I think would fair gearbox tell us how many skins was added to the pool.

I’m itchy to open all those faction pack I gathered, but I’m too afraid to do it until I know for sure new skins are in the game.

the new skins and taunts in the patch notes were for the new character not the others

How can you be so sure about that?

here let me try to pull it up one of the devs said it on twitter that and no one has pulled anything yet despite tons trying multiple times