Where are the pearls!

So have Tubbies stopped dropping pearls or what!! I have not had one drop for over six months now, and was wondering if anyone else is suffering the same fate. I am looking for a Bekah, probably the rarest, and best of them all. OK, I do have two already, but two in three years is an awful drop rate, and I want a better one. I mainly farm Frostburn Canyon, the Dust, and occasionally the Arid Nexus Badlands hoping for a Tubby Skag, who also seem to be rare these days. So where have you guys found your Bekah`s …Any suggestions to stop the frustration would be a great help!!

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Their drop rate is just really, really low - until you get to OP levels, anyway. It seems that the rates were tweaked to increase with OP level, so your best chances are by playing at OP8.


I have had 1 Bekah drop in all my years of playing. The awesome all jakob’s part one I use was a gift. I would love to have a Flush Bekah with Dahl stock and torgue sight. I’m still on the hunt. I just had a Tubby drop me an OP6 Butcher. So, they still drop, just really rare. I am currently farming Saturn for a full set of elements on the Invader sniper. I have had 3 tubby’s since I started this farm yesterday. 1 out of the 3 dropped a pearl. :wink:


This is what the numbers also reflect as the UCP smart guys indicate, and in my own experience also as i think it’s like a built in reward for playing at the highest difficulty much like beating the Peak which is your best bet for a Pearl as it’s guaranteed. My lucky spot is at the Happy Pig Motel with one of my Maya’s. She just seems to be able to spawn them and gets drops fairly often. Unfortunately the game likes to drop gear two levels under (please don’t let this happen in BL3 Gbx :angry: ) but they are still good to see.

Good luck with the hunting :thumbsup:


I have such a time even looking for tubbies I’ve had quite a few pearls drop from farming loot midgets in sawtooth cauldron I have had anywhere from legendary to pearls shredder fires and butchers I’ve played bl for years and never even had a tubby drop a pearl very rarely do I even see them mostly in the creature slaughter


Round one in OP8 Creature Slaughter was the best source of tubbies for me - quit before turning in the mission so it can be repeated. I averaged one every other 3 minute run - and one time got three at once.

Everyone’s got the spots : Arid Nexus, Caverns, Dust - but OP8 is what allows for 20% Pearl drop from a tubby. At lower levels, tubby hunting is pointless and you’d have better chances with piles and lockers.

Unfortunately it’s going to favour things like the Unforgiven, Storm, Stalker - even then they’re most likely one or two levels under. Bekah’s obviously are unicorns, but I’ve yet to even see a Carnage.