Where are the REAL alien guns?

Why is Borderlands 1 the only one with eredium guns? I don’t understand? 2 ignored them completely as well. This just makes me sad. Where’s the love? Please add these back. DLC or what have you.




The lasers in TPS were kinda similar, but I miss the eridian guns from BL1. Would be great to get them back, in a DLC.

I agree, I’d love to see them comeback, just as Atlas did. But, I’d worry that they would suffer from some sort of gimmick.

I think alien barrels were supposed to fill this area, but they just aren’t worth it. Is there even a lore based explanation for why there’s a fleshy, glowing slug eating half of my bullets anyways?

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That part around the barrel is obviously the mouth and it poops bullets,… duh!

:rofl: I dunno, best thing I can think of.

Then those eyes and teeth… are around its ass. Excuse me while I throw this thing off a cliff. Though, it makes as much sense as them just randomly throwing these things in without prompt.


I guess we could also assume that the bullet enters the rectum and he pukes it? Yea getting kinda weird, think I will just,… *jumps off cliff *

Side-note @Vladof-Guerilla: BL2 had the Eridian tech weapons intro with Ned. Yea they could have done something similar and had a mission: “stick this barrel in that aliens rear and you will get a neat gun, wait is it their mouth or butt? I dunno just stick it in there!”


That could have introduced a way to apply alien barrels, though I find them pretty underwhelming with their ammo consumption. I was running cistern of slaughter and tried using a Vladof one that does fire damage on the wave with the little kamikaze nekrotafeyo. That was a mistake.