Where are the rewards from Maurice? (brokenHeartsEvent)

From what I’ve read you’re suppose to receive event rewards in game via Social/Mail after each event challenge is completed, broken hearts 10,25,50,75 & 100.

I just finished the last one and no rewards from any of the challenges. So bro/bro-nets, what/how do I get my shi… stuff?

IDK when you read that, but you need to go into Event tab and open crates. Rewards will appear in backpack, QCS and trinket list.

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Got nothing under event tab except telling me about event and beside that telling me that I have completed 5/5 of the challenges. No crates.

I’m on PS4. Don’t know if that matters, just thought I’d mention it.

Press R2.

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…oops. Yeah, okay… Found them! Thanks!