Where are the Skill Trees on the Official BL3 website?!

On this page, there is normally a skill tree that I use as an image for Youtube videos. I just used it earlier this week, and now for some reason it has disappeared without a trace?

I asked someone on discord and he said that they “just go down sometimes”. Well does anyone have any idea when they will be back up again? Feels kind of bad to have to wait off on something urgent when I don’t know why the trees are gone in the first place and feels even worse not knowing how long I will have to wait.

You’d think gearbox could spare ten minutes to pull their heads from their asses to fix this issue. The skill tree’s have been disappearing since January and still we have no fix.

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The ones I found were out of date as of many updates ago. So it’s probably not worth it trying to track them down. The unofficial one gets updated faster and is easier to use.

Talzar must have meant https://bl3skills.com/ Looks up-to-date and simple to plan with.

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Yup, that’s the one. I keep a table for each Vault Hunter, with the URL, for my builds and notes on what the builds use for gear or maybe a catchy name. Makes resetting my character easier, should an experimental build not work out.