Where are the skins?

As far as I have heard of there have been no tier 2 and 3 skins added into the game as of now. Adding skins gives people the chance to spend a lot of time earning something they like. Is there any clue when these will come out?

Nope, none.

Yeah this ^. Unfortunately. I’m so eager for its release

T2 skins were in the beta, but they couldn’t be used by anything besides bots.

The skins were supposed to come out with Alani but now it seems like there’s “complications” with marketing and that is all we have to work on for now.

Personally I don’t feel as though this is a major issue. I don’t understand why people are pushing so hard for new content when the game just came out. Let the bugs get worked out.

All I can say is that SKINS MATTER. Personalization is a large factor for some gamers/games in general.

Name another moba that does not have any sort or character change besides color.


I understand that it’s important for some people but there’s already tons of content and like I said it just came out. Give them time :slight_smile: They’re working on a lot of different changes and fixes in the game.

Also, Battleborn isn’t a full Moba. It’s its own thing and that’s why I love it.

Isn’t that game in beta?

EDIT: Paragon already has T2 skins and even T3 skins soooo, next?

Overwatch for example is boring to me because all you get is different skins by the sound of it. I need more depth to my games and Battleborn has that.

Don’t worry though. They will get new aesthetic content soon.

I rather wait and get good character skins then get something out the door that will cause bugs, clipping or other sorts of problems. Just relax they will come eventually. Other games like Overwatch have them because they need them, they have no other content to offer.


Same, but the thing is. The skins are already developed. If i didn’t already see them I wouldn’t want them so bad and that goes for a majority of the community who wants the T2 skins. I’m enjoying what’s in the game but more is better in this case.

I’ve been waiting sience the beta, and then I was waiting since Alani came out and then since Alani’s actual release. Just saying that it feels like this content has been so close for so long but it’s irritating that it is just out of reach.

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The skins are already made, simply not released for “reasons”

maybe they need more polish or maybe there arnt enough or maybe they want to do something special guess well just have to wait and find out

So do we storm the Gearbox marketing department with tar and feathers or torches and pitchforks? :slight_smile:



Haha sure, why not? Look, I’m not angry about the skins not being released but with no offical words from Gearbox all I can do is make speculations and hope, which has failed multiple times.

If Gearbox came out in said “T2 skins are currently under development but the last few are going to take some more time to finish, they can be expected to release around the time of our first DLC” I would be fine with that.

Sure I’d be upset about the wait, but at least knowing when to expect the skins is what I consider the least Gbx could do.

Well you get different skins (not just different colours - they look vastly different), different voice lines per character, different spray tags to put on walls per character, different victory poses per character, and different display icons to put via your name… So lots of unlockables in OW.

It’s nice to unlock things though, I love a new skin in BB, customisation is heaps of fun to me!
(Just like borderlands… Love that excited feeling of getting a new head or skin, woo!)

But yes… More to a game, than unlockables. If you are having fun playing it, stick with it for that reason! (Or why not both? Haha) :slight_smile:

The problem isn’t that they aren’t out as much as that gearbox broke there word without good reason. They promised they would be released with Alani. If the issue was development taking longer than expected I’d understand but it is not. The skins are already made and the developer said the skins aren’t out yet because of the marketing department.

Yeah all that is pointless to me lol. That’s not depth. Overwatch has to do that because they have nothing else but short killing matches. Boring, in my own opinion.

I love the skins in Borderlands and it is exciting but all of those games had depth which was more important.

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That’s cool… Play what you wanna play!

I get everyone likes different things for different reasons…

I love a good story too, without needing anything flashy to go with it (the last of us, for example… That game never gets old for me, love it’s story!)

But sometimes getting a skin or unlockable that someone else doesn’t have makes me feel a little special (love getting a skin or taunt in BB that my splitscreen coop partner doesn’t have yet, haha - or a new unlockable in OW)…

But yes, quality is always better than quantity!
Can dish out all the flashy add ons you like, but if there is no substance, it’s pointless.