Where are these skins supposed to come from?

The skins Cyanide, Empress, Shadowy Warrior, Teal Me The Truth, Steampunky and STILL HEAR THE SCREAMIES clearly form a set, but nobody seems to know where to get any of these.

The same is true for the “Dahl Efficiency” set (for Krieg, the name is LEAVE NO MAN UNEATEN, for everyone else it’s Dahl Efficiency).

Any ideas? Might these be skins that were forgotten to be added to bosses? I need to know if I can complete my collection.

The Dahl Efficiency source is unknown.
Yet, I have seen it once from a vendor.

I know that Vladof purple rarity is unlocked form absorbing ammo, so could dahl be gotten by picking up boosters?

Dahl Efficiency are as rare as the TPS skins and heads.
Both have an unknown source, therefore, can drop from anywhere.

And Dahl Efficiency is just white xD

I have it on Krieg

I though dahl efficiency couldn’t be obtained through legit means.

Yeah, has no defined source…

Apparently, those skins were given as loyalty rewards on the Handsome Collection. I’m just not sure if you need to transfer a save from the previous gen console or simply sign up to SHiFT to get them (I don’t have the Handsome Collection). Those skins are bugged on previous gen copies of the game and on PC, though. You simply can’t get them in the game, as there is no source for them. If you got them before the Handsome Collection was released or on a previous gen console or PC, you got them through modded saves or traded for modded versions of them. They’re not legit unless you got them from the Handsome Collection.

The one you get from vendors is called Dahl Elite. It’s a different skin.

I swear I saw Dahl Efficiency from a Vendor vizinho,

“Eficiencia de Dahl” was

Well, then I don’t know what the hell is going on. I have no reason to doubt you, but I always believed those skins were unobtainable from within the game due to a bug and that’s the reason they decided to give them as loyalty rewards on the Handsome Collection. Did you buy it from that vendor? Tell me you did so I can at least be happy for you, cause it always bugged the hell out of me that I couldn’t get those skins on the 360 through legit means.

I didn’t to be honest. It was like, meh… a skin

After a long time I realized that I screwed up without buying ir nor taking a screenshot


Hopefully, the currently unobtainable skins will be included as part of the 3rd anniversary commemoration celebrating the release of Borderlands 2 for those of us on last-gen Consoles and PC. I responded in another thread and apparently GBX is as least aware of our request. You can see where Psychichazard responded below my post. Hopefully, the GBX team can come thru for us with a Shift code.

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There will be a BL2 3rd anniversary celebration?

Hopefully. I don’t think anything has been officially confirmed as of yet. Realistically I’m not really expecting another Community Day Event at this point, but something small is hopefully in the works. If not, that would be very very disappointing.

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At least some shift code giveaway…

All manufacturers have three skins. Two of them can be obtained from vendors, slot machines, mission reward or a BA challenge. The third one is linked to completing tier 5 of a BA challenge. The source of the Dahl Efficiency skin is unknown. I was pretty sure I had that one when I started this reply, but it turns out that I don’t. I’m also 100 % sure that if the skin had a legit source, I would have it by now, since I’ve done all challenges (except for the one mentioned below) and also done all missions. If I had to take a wild guess at what it would be linked to, it would be the Woah, Black Betty-challenge. And since you can also complete that challenge with Bandit made BB’s, my guess is that they withdrew it right before the game was released. That’s just my theory, btw…! :wink:

The skins linked to a tier 5 challenge are:

Dahl Predator - Crouching tiger, Hidden assault rifle (the one where you have to kill enemies while crouching AND using an AR. Jeez… I wonder why no one ever gets that one.) :unamused:

Vladof Freedom - Ammo Eater
Torgue Speed Demon - Catch-a-Rocket
Tediore Value - Boomerbang
Maliwan Grace - I Just Want to Set the World on Fire
Jakobs Filligree - Quickdraw
Hyperion Hornet - Eviscerated
Bandit - Knee-Deep in Brass

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I remember getting the Dahl Predator once by doing the infinite ammo glitch and going afk with a weight on my mouse while aiming at the spot where rakks spawn in the vault of the warrior. Took about 45 minutes.