Where are Wotan's crit spots?

I can’t seem to hit Wotan’s crit spots, I don’t know where they are. I am talking about each individual phase. Can somebody show me a picture or accurately describe them for each phase?

There is a Knob type thing on the back in the mid-section when a complete Wotan. Then when split the bottom half’s brain container is a crit spot. Not sure about the Better Half.


The knob thingy crit spot on Wotan that @kabflash mentioned is the same on the Kraken and all Kraken like mini bosses in the MT. This means you can just play around with the Kraken enemies and memorize where it is so you’ll be more comfortable when facing Wotan.

Now just because you now know where it is doesn’t mean you’ll be able to hit it :grin:! Specifically when playing solo, 90% of the time Wotan/Kraken rotate to face you so the crit spot is always behind them. But there are a few instances where that is not the case and you are able to position yourself at the crit spot w/o them rotating to face you. For Wotan, the first time that happens is when you complete their first phase (i.e., shooting above or below it to break its shield for the first time). You have a few seconds after the shield breaks and it temporarily goes immune, to position yourself at the crit spot without them rotating to face you. The other option is to use weapons that pass through enemies (e.g., Cutsman) and hit the crit. Again, the Kraken is a good enemy to rinse/repeat practice on to learn where on the body to shoot with the Cutsman to hit the crit.



If you can get the orbs to hit the crit that’s where the damage is at. That’s what I used to do before I fully swapped to the lyuda recently.