Where can i check the exp bar( Solved)

i want to check the exp Bar, so i can know how much i need to advance next LV or current exp state?

There is no such option in BL3.

Umm I feel like that scene from Up In Smoke … but it’s on the bottom of the screen man.

Unless you ate looking for an exact number… then idk

As stated, there is a bar on-screen but no way to see the actual numbers.

I honestly wouldn’t worry about it too much - it seems to fill up pretty quickly just playing through the game, doing side quests, and mobbing through the trials and slaughters. It’ll fill up faster once you’ve completed main story if you then enable one of the mayhem modes.

i hate virtual bar, if u studied statistics, it’s one bad example of display of statistics, as it can mislead the conclusion or give an unclear message to the viewer.

The numbers are shown on the BL2 version. If it’s any consolation, were the numbers shown on the BL3 one they’d probably be too small to read anyway…

i want to see it as it can make u to decide should u keep a red icon weapon, if u is far from next LV, player can sell it or put it into vault for later use. in addition, at least people can get an expected value of later LV

Given that the amount of XP you earn scales as you and the enemies also level up, I don’t think you should worry too much about numbers. You can see at a glance what rough % you are to your next level; if you’re at say 75% you’ll level up soon enough. For reference, playing through the story I’ll typically gain at least 2 levels from a 2-hour play session.

It’s around one level per location, more if you do most side quest.