Where can I download this?

I’d never really payed much attention to battleborn, but earlier today I was reminded of its existence and decided to poke my head into it. Unfortunately, all the downloads seem to have disappeared except for a handful of places where I could buy the standard edition for around 25 bucks. Was I just mistaken in thinking this game had a “free trial” now?

The free trial is the PvP aspect, rather than the story mode.

I just looked on steam and it doesn’t seem to be on there - I’ll pass this along to the community manager ASAP.

Thank you. I was aware that it was only the PvP part. Honestly, I wish I had looked into the game far sooner but it had never gotten much of my attention due to how many other things were going on with games and how little money I always had. It’d be disappointing if I’d finally decided to look into it just too late

The good news is it’s still listed on the Microsoft store and the PS4 store. So I’d be inclined to think steam might have messed up by taking it down.

I’ve passed it along and I’ll get back to you, if the community manager doesn’t first, as soon as I hear anything.

thank you!

Thanks for bringing this up! Sorry for my late response-- I’m looking into it!


It’s back up!


thank you!

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