Where can I find Circle of Duty? (Claptrap DLC, possibly contains spoilers)

Title sums it up.
There’s no waypoint on my map so it’s real hard to find out where to go.
Haven’t traveled there yet either.

Thanks in advance :smile:

That’s because the CoD is in the Knoxx DLC. You have to beat the Knoxx DLC, then a side quest unlocks at the Bounty Board to go to the CoD.

Hm… I was 98% sure I just got that mission while playing the Claptrap DLC

Also before I closed the game I had that mission selected and there was a waypoint on my map.
(While in Clap DLC)… Guess it’s bugging out xD

Thanks for the quick reply!

If you had joined someone else’s game who had that mission open, you might have “inherited” it from them.

Hm… that’s not it, but my game has some other strange bugs as well. So might just be randomness. After I finish this DLC I should reinstall the game (and find some nVidia drivers that let me play at a decent framerate)

You probably accepted it by mindlessly clicking the Bounty Board in Knoxx, but never realised and your current mission defaulted to that when you had no active quests.

Was the way point on your map at the fast travel station?

No it was in a different corner of the map. It was one of those thingies that let you travel to a neighboring area. Either the area where the first main story mission takes place or the second one.

I think it does that. There are a few missions in the Knoxx DLC that seem to not take you to the nearest fast travel if you’re outside the DLC, and at least one that has the mission marker perpetually in the wrong place (at least on 360 anyway)

Ah okay. (This was on PC)

Thanks for the info, guys