Where can i find teams to play against

I was wondering does anybody know a website or anything where i can find full 5 man teams for me and my teams to play against an 5 man team just for compition ?

You’re on it! :smiley:

should probably include your platform. if it is xb1, i can definitely accommodate that

Yeah if your on XB1 you probably can.

I know two that would probably play you if you asked.

Also post to reddit or check with the helix gamers guys.

im on the ps4. everytime i post on this website or the playstaion community looking for 5 man teams for me and my team to play against i get no response. i look on twitch sometimes and seen a few streams where ppl are playing scrimmage matches . so i was wondering is there a website or something where ppl set up matches

go to that gooch guy’s stream, or whatever it is. the competitive scene or ps4 isnt super great, for some reason. i dont really understand it because as far as i know they have the biggest playerbase, but it is the same way in destiny. there is one good team on ps4 that would probably match you if you have 5. they arent great, but will definitely be tough to beat

Jump in the Helix Gamers League Discord, there are quite a few players and teams on there that are probably happy to scrimmage: https://discord.gg/5eTxH.

Here is their Battlefy page of friendlies and tourneys for anybody interested: https://battlefy.com/helix-gamers-league

Not that I know of except helix’s discord or maybe reddit.