Where can i find the anarchy now? M10

Literally dont see it anymore as a world drop in dlc2.

I get pure normal world drops occasionally a flame diddle oldridian and insider from empowerred grawn. Some runs tom and xam gives purple and greens only maybe 1 legendary. Well that increased loot fix is a complete lie. Im killing badasses out the ass and well nada.

So yeah… Also amach almost never spawns on pc on xbox i know hes a gauranteed spawn. I just killed the heart for a whopping 1 leggo and one skin i already had. I killed alk the spawns around amach the badasses they drop purples.

Im kinda laughing inside at these hot fixies and astonished how The dlc got worse to farm. I got a old god ase rad cryo before. This patch from grawn so im good on that. I havent seen him drop any old gods anymore like some ppl claim.

Killed tom and xam yesterday three times to check on a bossing build and they dropped 7 legendaries on M10. First run there was an Anarchy so I assume that is still the drop spot for them.

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Wt bloody hell sometimes.i think all 3 platforms have 3 different loot pool issues. Ill try em again and again… I. Kill em. Both do you recommend letting em combine? I thought only zane and flak can kill em seperately/no combining.

Its very fast how i kill em so they never combine or buff eachother

I have a good comp so quiting reloading isnt really much slower than the fast travel method for me. I tend to kill them both in about 30 seconds or so with all 4 vault hunters. No, not a yellowcake build although I will sometimes use that.

I dunno, with the right build / weapons any of the mobs are pretty simple. Yes, the dedicated loot pool sux for PC as well so maybe I just got lucky. It was only a 12 or 14 pellet Anarchy so I didnt bother to pick it up as I have a couple of nice 20 pellets already.

Yeah i use a pewpew and clone mostly does quarter the other ones health while i take the other out in a other corner. Its just two reloads of full clip in the face frozen for each… That reminds me i could prob make it faster with a icebreaker since they freeze.

I do have a yellowcakex2 but i find this easier than letting em combine heal eachother shield eachother etc.

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I too farmed Tom ans Xam. Anarchies drop relatively often, but x18 and higher variants take time to find. Fast travel farming helps to hasten the process because I don’t need to restack my pre-M2.0 Anarchy.


Buncha runs… So far soul renders every run. Monacles. Firestorms.generic world stuff
1 legendary each usually or 2 max. Purples greens stilll

Yeah im looking for x18 shock some kinda anoint i cannuse for. True take down solo.

OK, yeah I agree that if you are using the anarchy to farm them that would definately be the route to take.

Still, if you use the quick stack trick it isnt too bad. Was just saying with negligable load times I tend to kill them both as a lot of my builds will have the other one half killed already by the time i have taken the first out.

Guess it all depends on which version gets you the most kills in the shortest time.

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I litterally just do a run through the cankerwoods and get 2-3 anarchy drops every single time x12 x18 on m10

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Drops look like this alot.

This is fresh.

Dat phat 2500+% loot


To cankerwoods we goo! Regular mobs?

No luck here.see.my shots thats what drops normally all the time. I have 11.70 luck too… Lmao

Yea just regular mobs mostly from the prime wolvens i keep the cartel thing on and just run through slayin and 9 times outta 10 i get 2 or 3

Jusst cleared the first half of forest. All purples and blues greens for me.

Maybe gesrbox hates my guts
Hell some ppl complete cistern with 0 legendaries. And you guys seem.fine.

Cartel wolves spawned it so weird…lmao badasses galore. No leggos.

Cleared lumber yard town with mad cartel.spawns

I got one leggo… A stormfront! Nice a legendaey thst doesnt work anymore.from thr normal game.

The Anarchy is now a dedicated drop from Kukuwajack (alongside the Frozen Devil) in Negul Neshai but it is also still a world drop, Amach and Tom and Xam still drop it occasionally for me.

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Got a couple drop over the weekend whilst farming Empowered Grawn at the end of the Negul Neshai map

Thankyou! thats what i needed! Kujuwhatsits. Ill head there

World drops are broken for me. Everywhere is like see my pics. :confused:

No problem I hope you more luck farming him :+1:!

Using a Zane have you ever tried using a redistributor when they are close together? I have a CCC zane and I’ve had mixed results and am looking for a more fool-proof method.