Where can I pause decently?

Sometimes I have to stop a session (kid needs my attention, whatever). This is particularly bothersome in large mission maps, such as Exploitation. I thought I would be clever and would save some time by entering the Creature Challenge thing, and quit there – but it restarted me all the way back out at the beginning of the map, argh. Sometimes when I quit, when I want to leave, it won’t transport me back (when I’d like it to), but rather restart me from the middle – is there any method to the madness?

Simple answer: Nope!

Creature Slaughterdome should keep you there. Most people use this as a save point when they farm the LLM’s in the Doctor’s Orders mission, so my only guess is that you didn’t get the save icon before you quit, and therefore the game thought you were still in WEP. Either that, or… something!? I dunno! :confused:

Simple answer: yes (there is a method to this). Gearbox don’t want people to save just in front of a chest and farm it by quitting/reloading. It’s an inconvenience in some of the larger maps, but that is just the way it is, I’m afraid.

That’s an odd one, because later on you do indeed respawn outside the CSD. I think it has to do with whether or not you’ve completed the main story mission. It may be related to the optional objective to collect 10 slag samples, since some of those crop up in the first building past the dock, but I haven’t had a chance to confirm if that’s the trigger or not.

@onomastikon I wrote a pretty detailed post about successfully saving at the Natural Selection Annex (NSA) door so you don’t have to trek all the way through WXP again. However, I lost the post’s location, and am mostly guessing at present until I can re-confirm.

Anyway, try collecting the slag samples, quit, then load your character at the main menu. If your character’s location says “Wildlife Exploitation Preserve”, you spawn back at the FTS; if it says nothing, you’re back outside the NSA’s door.


Great minds think unlike!

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@Ronnie_Rayburn Nope vs. Yes:

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Yes, I have the same problem with the Annex - it resets me to the start, even though I’ve seen a save icon. I’m pretty sure this is only when I haven’t done the main story though.

In general I like that farming involves wider spans rather than just save/quit/open/loot, but I think the WXP is too big for that approach to work. You have to fight through 6 different areas to get to the LLMs, and 10 if you want to farm Son of Mothrakk. Particularly in UVHM, this means getting past a lot of really tough enemies (rabids!). Add to that the fact that Mothrakk’s loot has a tendency to fall in unreachable places… Without the Annex, it wasn’t an endurable farm. For me the ability to farm battles with my desire to have impact on environments as I progress through the story, so a non-DLC save point to actually make that farming feasible would have been appreciated!