Where can I see starting health/shield pools

Maybe I’ve been overlooking this but is there some place where you can see the starting health and shield pools for a particular player other than just choosing them and starting a match? I feel like this should be available somewhere either in the command menu or on battleborn’s webpage but I don’t see it in either location. When I’m starting to play as a new hero I’d love to know the best type of defensive gear needed (if any) before hopping into a game. Especially with all the “balancing” that’s been happening the changes are hard to keep up with sometime.


Something to ping @MentalMars about to add to his site.

Or maybe @lowlines’s site.

In the words of the Ahnuld, “Do eet NAOW!!” :smiley:

Battleborn Bible

Some stuff says it has been updated, but isn’t actually reflected in the spreadsheet (e.g Kleese’s health)

@jerms85 @shuttle127 Updating the hero profile pages is on my things-to-do list. Because of my limited time and the work load this got pushed back. That said; my vacation started today, 3 weeks off. so i’ll be away for 1 week, there is also 1 day of Gamescom (Got an appointment with 2K Games). That leaves me with some time to finally update the profile pages. I was thinking about a small “re-design”, updating stats and adding more info like the health & shield pools of each character. If there is any additional info you guys would like to see on there let me know.


What about including any connections the characters have with other Battleborn?

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I actually have this info and plan on adding it as part of my Gear Skills project, there’s just so much involved with calculating stats dynamically that it has taken me a while to get it all working properly and there’s still a few unknowns. I can probably disable the other stuff that isn’t working and get this up sooner if people really want it. This may vary, but most characters gain +65 HP per level, and while inspecting characters from the Command menu, all stats are calculated as though your character is at Level 0. Most characters will have 300 Shield unless they are Eldrid (who have none) or Shield promoting characters like Kleese. The default Shield Recharge Rate is +60 per second and the Shield Recharge Delay is 5 seconds.