Where can one find the Voxis Core mod?

Is this mod only available from Jennerit Packs or can it also be found from a boss? If you can find one in a campaign mission which one is it and which boss? Does it drop from any pack as well or just Jennerit ones? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Been wanting this mod for awhile now.

I have genuinely no idea about this specific pack, but of the 2 legendaries I have found in campaign missions, both of their descriptions corresponded to the mission I received them in. So it sounds like this one could be a drop from one of the two missions set on the Jennerit planet, in particular The Saboteur, where you sabotage an energy plant.

That is me completely guessing however.

I think the Jailer drops this in the renegade. needs conformation

if he does then thats three drops he has that are all good this the life steal brooch and the mag demon omg ggb plz n3rf drops to op :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m like 98% sure I got mine from Renegade.

Wish I could help, but mine came from one of the digital deluxe bonus gear packs.

Wow I need that so bad, my thorn wants it lol

I have the vow of vengeance but thats it so far, def want brooch as well

Am I like the only one without the Vow of Vengeance? This sucks. lol

Well, I know I got the Vow of Vengeance from him. Do the bosses drop more than one Legendary?

Yes and jailer Hylis is hoarding all the good stuff lol
He’s got all the shinys

That does suck :frowning:
Hope you get it soon

Can anybody confirm that Hylis drop this?

I want this Item sooo much