Where did everyone go?

It’s been 3 day and I have yet to find a pvp match WDaF? Why are these ques so unexceptionablly long if they even happen at all. In my opinion battleborn is 10 times better then overwatch but sadly that game can find me a match in under 20mins. I’m desperately clinging to hope that this will get better before I have to put Battleborn down for good. Is there any hope? Is it a matchmaker bug or has the mass exodus already happened and I’m all alone?

have you tried closing hte client and seeing if there are any version changes? otherwise i would check out the firewall status? thats not normal ive gotten tons of matches last few days. also check out: https://steamdb.info/app/394230/graphs/ any time you wanna see current pc population

I’ve no idsues getting PvE or PvP on PC.

No issue either. PC.
Can be long at odd hours (Like 3 or 4am), but beside that it only take a few minutes.