Where did my girl go?

I had a battleborn day yesterday. Got home from work and played 15 matches straight lol.

Not ONCE did play with or against a Galilea. Has she really fallen so far out of the meta?

What do you guys consider her role to be? Is she less effective than other BB at performing that role?


That tends to happen with characters who were very high performing. People play them because they’re easy to perform with, and as soon as they stop performing so well those players immediately drop them faster than the beat in a bad dubstep song. Even if the character is still okay, it’s the immediate shock reaction.

As to whether she’s ‘fallen from grace’ is another matter that I’m not qualified to speak on.


I find her new role is that of a melee counter. Desecrate is now one of the better slows in the game and it makes diving with a melee very risky.


^This. It happened with Phoebe, Ambra, Rath, Benedict, Kleese, etc.

In fact… the only character i DON’T remember that happening with is Boldur… That’s probably just a coincidence though, because he is balanced now, right? :smirk:

That was sarcasm…

The second sentence, not the first…


Galilea isn’t much of a meta pick, but she’s a strong mid-late pick in draft. As blaine said she’s great at countering melees, the stun follow up is always a good thing to have, and her ability to wound for long periods of time make her a great counter to Miko/Alani!

She’s still a frequent pick in competitive, just not a first pick must have.


I’d also add that she is still top tier in a cooperating team; just not a 1-person wrecking crew anymore.


And thank MINREC for that.


It was so much fun to watch the development of public opinion on Deande over the last year. :smiley:

People called her useless at release and it went even as far that some people said that only the highest skilled players are able to win games with her (when I had a streak where I only lost games with mass disconnects XD - sadly that post on reddit was deleted because of rudeness and only my answer is left), but on the same day people also complained about her being OP (I still find that silly and miss uppercut :cry:).

Then she was reworked and the first reaction was that people called her nerfed into the ground when she lost the juggling (sorry, didn’t find a reference). I tried her out after the patch, nixed uppercut in my build (always take the life steal now) and continued playing her and still could make her work (and came to the conclusion after a few matches that the so called nerf was quite a buff for her). It became really quiet around Deande for a while (almost a year to be honest). No one really complained about her, few players praised her, some players loved her and became scary opponents.

Lately, I suddenly see a big amount of “nerf Deande, NOW!” posts again. :smiley:

Why did I write all of this? Galilea is in a similar position now. She changed drastically in the last patch and the most used playstyle for her (which honestly should be called “YOLO!-diving”) doesn’t work at all anymore. People pick her, die too much and drop her like a hot potato. As much as Deande when she couldn’t stunlock enemies (who never heard about quick melee …) anymore. People need to get used to her again. She still has potential and I think she will be seen again some day.


Now you see, here’s the difference between Galilea and Deande,

Deande lost her uppercut very quickly because it was broken, and needed nearly nonstop. She requires more skill than 80% of the cast. She’s just more noticeable than a good Pendles.

Galilea has received mostly buffs since release, and was broken anyway.

She’s not useless, she’s just not able to walk up to Montana and beat the ■■■■ out of him with 0 resistance anymore. Lol


It honestly wasn’t. Won’t lie, it was fun and it felt dirty to juggle a Montana or Boldur around, but one simple quick melee could push me away, interrupt my combo and open room to be punished. A juggling Deande also was such an easy target for a coordinated team that sometimes I didn’t even try unless someone on the enemy team went way out of position. :slight_smile:

I’ll never say that Galilea is useless. I played against a good one last week. She still hurts, I have respect of the slow on desecrate and she is scary when she has her team as backup. Some people still expect to be the raid boss of the match by picking her. This attitude will be heavily punished now.


It’s really funny seeing a galilea main who didn’t read the patchnotes.


The difference is that Deande was rebalanced, and Galilea lost the effectiveness of nearly every aspect of her that was touched.

  • Deande
  • Lost:
    • Uppercut’s knock up. Of which hard CC chaining like that is a ■■■■■■ playstyle anyway IMO.
  • Gained:
    • Increased the attack speed of Deande’s Tessurim War Fans melee attacks by 15%.
    • Changed the transition between Tessurim War Fans melee and ranged attacks to feel more responsive.
    • Made the arcs on the fans less severe.
    • Burst Dash no longer knocks enemies back.
    • Increased damage of Blink Stormby 35% (63 damage per hit to 85 damage per hit at Level 5).
  • Galilea
  • Lost:
    • Reduced the AoE of Corruption by 20%.
    • Increased Corruption stacks from 20 to 40.
    • Desecrate slows enemies by default rather than applying 16% Damage Amplification.
    • Vortex now uses the physics pull instead of the crowd control pull.
    • Level 3 Right Helix Augment It’s Dangerous to Go Alone projectiles deal less damage at close range.
    • Changed the functionality of Level 5 Left Helix Augment Last Light to scale Health Regeneration based on Corruption.
    • Reduced the reflect chance granted by Level 7 Left Helix Augment Mirror Knightfrom 35% to 25%.
    • Level 8 Mutation Blight Town increases the AoE of Desecrate by 25% down from 50%.
    • Bleak Quite no longer silences enemies, but provides Galilea with a 30% DR in Desecrate. This one is less of a nerf, especially with the change silences, but it is still arguably less powerful.

So she got more of the El Dragon bitch slap, and not the Deande rebalance.


That’s what happens when you spend the overwhelming majority of your time as OP, and i wholeheartedly hope that the devs leave her like this for a while to compensate for all the gullsh*t Galilea has caused… In fact, i doubt there is a single person, besides a Boldur main, who would HONESTLY not like to see the same thing happen to him…

And by “honestly”, i mean someone who won’t disagree JUST for the sake of disagreeing…


Again I don’t care about the balance, just pointing out it was a bad analogy.


The analogy was: Her most common playstyle changed drastically.


Oh…sounds like I’m not allowed to argue for fun :frowning:


But a new playstyle wasn’t made available to her, like it was for Deande. Massive buffs to nearly every aspect of Deande’s kit is what gave rise to her current assassin playstyle, not just because players had to adapt to Uppercut’s nerf.

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Does anyone still take Gali’s pull?

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No, the wound or shield recovery are the two better options now.

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I found out that taking the shield recovery lets you 1v1 other Gals that don’t take it