Where did my hanging chad COV go!?!

Just logged in and its been replaced by a gray POS weapon. I was using it 8 hours ago.

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did you put out the fire before logging out?

Sorry, i’ve no clue.

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Put out the fire?

You may have tasted too much danger.

Maybe ask Bradd?

(sorry, really sucks you lost your gun. Mine is still in my inventory. Maybe you accidentally held square a bit too long when picking up a white pistol to sell and swapped it? But even then it should go into your inventory not get dropped…unless your inventory was full?)

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Last thing I did was slaugher3000 last night and logged out with it equipped. It’s weird that when I logged in I had a gray junk COV equipped id never seen before. Is there a way to submit support tickets in this game?

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Good luck!