Where did the loot ghosts go?

Is it just bad RNG, or are they really much rarer this year? I’ve done around 25 trips to heck and only seen/killed 12 so far.


I was wondering the same thing yesterday but figured id give it more time since no one else has spook up. But after just one day maybe its bad rng.

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I think you can farm the Slaughter Shaft with the Event on, for many chances with Ghosts.

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They did events during the event that spawned more ghosts. Give it time.

do the scraptraps trick of doing nest to get ghosts, then hide as prime spawns then go back in and redo nest for more ghosts and repeat as it how i done most loot ghosts.


i tried slaughter for badass and normal ones but loot ones are more common/easier with scraptraps

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Look like last year with ghosts being more prevalent in some areas than other.
First reflex was to go to Voracious Canopy on Eden-6. Plenty there.

This is my preferred method as well, it worked like a charm for Cartel weapons too.

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though newer halloween skins and gun came is better then last year for sure, hopefully this means 2k also on fixing game base issue’s/bugs at some point before they release new game mode

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Has to be bad RNG, I’ve gotten plenty while playing the Guardian Takedown, Maliwan Takedown, and Heck.

I’m farming ghosts and then going to Haunt in cycles with no other play other than to kill the achievement minibosses for the event.

I have about equal loot ghosts and trips to heck at 11 and 12, respectively.

I think one change from last year is that we had to farm MANY more ghosts (3x) to get the Heck portal to open (they only dropped 1 ectoplasm each IIRC). So since we’re farming 1/3 fewer ghosts overall, we should be getting 1/3 fewer loot ghosts.

Wondering about this myself. I’m at 10/15 for killing Haunt so you can imagine all of the ghosts I’ve seen by now and I’m still stuck at 2/20 loot ghosts. I don’t expect to see a loot ghost as often as the other two types but one per round would be nice. At my current pace, I’ll have to run the mission 100 times to finish that challenge and that’s not even remotely going to happen.

I’ve done Athenas, Voracious Canopy, and Scraptrap and the only one actually remember seeing was in Heck after killing a ratch.

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I just play as usual and turn go to heck hole when I have enough and ready to go. Doesn’t matter if I take 1 or 2 more days to complete the objectives.

I mean sure Haunt have decent drops but it’s not like the futur of my characters depended on it. Not going to complain the event is “repetitive and boring” 96 hours after it was launch either.

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I’ve gotten 6 loot ghosts so far, in 7 runs, but 3 of those 7 runs never saw a single one. Even more frustrating for me, is that so far, Haunt hasn’t dropped a single piece of event gear, only world drops. I’ve gotten one Scream of Terror, one Stalker, 2 Fearmongers, and 6 Ghast Calls (no vindicators) from those 6 loot ghosts, and that’s it for event gear. I feel like it’s gonna be really rough to get all of my VHs to complete all 15 challenges if my RNG doesn’t improve.

If you can’t find any. Try Slaughter Shaft you will have plenty of ghosts… the clone does not shoot ghosts so they chase you around and half the time I was just shooting ghosts but yellow is still more rare than the others. I have had tons of red ones chasing me… for me they have been exploding with loot more than the others. I will have to check to see how many yellow/orange/gold were in the mix. I have not seen one yellow once after going to haunt’s. Action is a little crazy in Slaughter Shaft at M10. I try to shoot them all. If I had to guess the ratio is unfortunately probably 1 yellow per all 5 rounds though so pretty crummy. :acmferro: :v: :boom:

Question: why not just share the loot with all vault hunters you have?

I know it says “loot a bloody harvest legendary”, but I’m pretty sure it should read “equip a bloody harvest legendary”.

Also, equipping 3 pieces of gear is just any gear that has the terror anoints. I did it with no legendaries.

Honestly, if they are going to be this rare this time around they really ought to have made the special loot guaranteed instead of there being chances for the loot ghosts to drop regular world drops.

Yeah it was only 1 hecktoplasm per normal ghost at first but then they bumped it up to 3 at some point. Athenas was my usual ghost farm last year and at first, I could get all the way to Traunt and still not have enough goo.

Also, checking off the haunted rare spawns was a lot easier this year because they’re well… not rare spawns anymore heh. I remember it taking several tries last year but this year it was one and done for each of them.


15/15 runs on haunt only 9 loot ghosts, 2 of which never dropped even one legendary, never had a problem finding them last year tho last year I never saw one stalker or scream of terror shield unlike this year