Where do Heavy Weapons belong?

Heavy weapons formerly known as Launchers have had an interesting History in the series. I understand the teams determined to not have BL3 turn out like BL2 where about 10% of the loot in the game overshadows most of its competition and finds itself better in a wider array of situations.

In BL3 the pool of Legendary Heavy Weapons is actually quite limited due fewer brands manufacturing them. I believe there are roughly 10 legendary heavy weapons give or take a few of the now over 200 unique legendary items in this game. Majority of these launchers find niche use with spicific builds designed to accommodate them. A few of them have general use purposes in mobbing without a spicific build. Quite a few of these weapons are also subject to long reload times, extended weapon swap delay and movement speed penalties. All of these downsides are suggested by the name “Heavy” weapon. These guns are supposed to be superior damage to counter all those down sides. It seems with Mayhem Mode that is not always enough. You need to use heavy weapons with multi ammo consumption to make good use of majority of them. The issue then becomes self reciprocal. The enemies all have more HP shields and armore, badass enemies are more plentiful and so hard hardened enemies. So you need to use more ammo to kill the enemu, you need more immediate damage to keep moving causing you to use weapons with high ammo consumption. The issue is you will often run dry on heavy weapon ammo when you need it most. Even when saving the weapon for those times where you really need it most of them fall short and just feel like a waste of time.

Being clear this isn’t about the Ion Cannon but the question was brought up by the fact that you now get 6 shots before your out of ammo. BL3 implemented the movement speed penalty to heavy weapons to balance damage and vulnerability. The issue is several of the launchers in this game don’t benefit you enough to offset there limitations once you start progressing in to Mayhem mode.

Mayhem mode asked us to be versatile and push the boundaries of our builds. I struggle to see how heavy weapons fit in to the end game. Yes you can do a gimmicky build but again a gimmick usually limits versitily.

Where do Heavy Weapons belong GBX? When do we use them? Why are there no COV legendary Heavy Weapons? Are you planning on buffing some of the other launchers like the Tunguska and Creamer that simply lack the raw damage to kill beefy enemies faster then a pistole? Why is the Maggie a better second wind weapon then the Legendary Torgue launchers?

These are all questions that occur to me when looking at most heavy weapons. I hope GBX takes some time to address and think about the direction they want to go with Heavy weapons before they start adding more to the game.

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