Where do i find people to play with

Hi, i am new to this forum so not sure if this is the right place to put this but i am looking for a crew to play with on a regular basis.

I am also pretty new the whole game but been playing with RATH. Got him to level 9 right now and moving up fast and its been fine playing with randoms but now i wanna start playing more tactical.


What platform do you play on? We have sub-categories for each one to help with finding team mates. I will move your thread there once you say. :slight_smile:

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If you’re on ps4, there’s a forum chat that can be used to group up.

yeah ps4 for me :slight_smile:

What’s your psn? I’ll try to add you. Also, as a side note, the chat is very active so there’s usually constant notifications.

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Nice one. Mikephoto1 is my psn. :smiley:

Alright so it turns out it’s full. Tagging @FlamesForAll and @epicender584 to see if they can add you to the second one.


@lolattheseforums is it the “fight finder”?

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No, I started a new new one a few weeks ago.

Fight Finder hasn’t been used in ever…

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I got one for ya too, Flames; @jaden374. Put 'im on the list, eh wot?

So cool! Can’t wait to team up.

Im an average incursion player that loves to mic up btw for team coordination.

Sweet add me up. PSN - Mikephoto1

This is where a third chat may now be needed :hushed:


The second chat still has 30-40 slots open I believe.

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You need to make a “Filthy’s VIP chat”, where you send out invitations like in The Count of Monte Cristo. Then you enter your own party via hot air balloon.

I’ll be your Jacabo, buddy.



GREAT reference, buddy!

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Really? No wonder it feels smaller. Btw, are you able to kick people? I’m not suggesting it, but I now wonder if it’s possible

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It’s (stupidly!) not possible to kick people from PSN group chats.

Ironically, you CAN kick people in PSN COMMUNITIES, which have no member limit.

If it were possible to kick people, I could clear up at least 20 spots in Forum Folks of people I KNOW never post in the chat.


Ey, did you add OP or should I?

PSN communities do have a limit, but it’s 10k members.