Where do I get Hunter Hellquist Side Mission?

I am level 53 TVHM on the PC. Today I completed all Toil and Trouble mission in the Arid Nexus Boneyard and Badlands. Returning to Sanctuary a few times there is still no side mission for killing Hunter Helquist (This Just In side mission) at the Arid Nexus. Where does this side mission get presented as I am keen to try for a Bee Shield?

This side mission was available in NVHM. Is it not available in TVHM?



You can also farm the Treants in the Tiny Tina DLC if you have it.

As in NVHM, you have to talk to Mordecai after completing the Sawtooth Cauldron main story mission- just pop back to Sanctuary after you turn that mission in after reaching the Arid Nexus Boneyard and talk to him. Just be aware that if you complete the missions in the Arid Nexus first that that might block This Just In from popping up when you talk to Mordecai…

This. Completing main story “Data Mining” means the only thing you can talk to Mordecai about is the mission turn-in, which triggers the final mission and both Mordy and Brick head out to meet you in Heroes Pass. If you’ve completed “Data Mining” you’ll either have to wait until after finishing the main story, or farm treants in the Tiny Tina DLC as @BTK420247 suggested.

Finish the Toil and Trouble quest first. Return to Mordecai and turn in the mission. When you do, you should see a yellow extermination mark above his head. Press the talk button and select the This Just in quest.

I think they’ve probably found it in the 3 years since the last reply. Please check the date to avoid future necroing.

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