Where do I voice about campain Buggy stuff?

Where do I voice about Buggy campain things that happen?
I got one example I would like to point out and be told its all ready fixed.
That Robot that thinks its a spider, we all know that large room.
A couple of times playing my Team ran into the spider room and I needed money to spend in the shop after the game ended, so a loot box farmed a bit.
The Robot spider started Talking and the big metal doors closed and I was compleaty blocked from compleating any more of the mision.
I have seen this happen to others too.
Please tell me this error in code has been fixed in the full game?
If I come accross any more buggy stuff where do I send my information too?
Thank you.

Moved your thread

@Derch Thank you for putting my post into the correct place but it also dose not answer my question of Where do I post about Bug Reporting when the full game comes out?

I’m sure that there will be a bug report section for the full game, when it’s released. There are for the other games here.

@Psychichazard You Deleted my Thread I was going to referance for knowledge when the game comes out. I would like to be able to view that information later on for my own referance. I have no problem with you removing it from the publics eyes but hay I need to use that knowledge people shared with me as my memory can’t be trusted at all. It was the one about learning to use Milko’s powers. I commented here because I didn’t think you would get my other responce to you concidering that thread was turned off. By the way your private messages are turned off it apears to me.

It wasn’t deleted, it was closed. It is still visible. If you need to store info, just cut and paste it into notepad or some note-taking app, or just bookmark the page.

To pm, click on a users name, then click ‘message’.

@Psychichazard Thank you for updating me, I was very worried for a few minutes. Thank you for such a quick responce. I feel looked after now. Thanks a bunch. :slight_smile: