Where do you go to farm glitch weapons?

I tried the two glitch chests behind Dispair and SL but didn’t get any. The red chest had a lootbug each time, but didn’t drop anything of note sadly.

if i farm for glitched guns, i basically check every glitched chest in Subconcious, Overlook, Pandora and Nexus.
Denial Subroutine (Overlook) drops a guaranteed glitched weapon. plus there’s a glitch red chest, when you beat him. but he let me down last time, as he dropped an underleveled one.

Eclipse/Eos drop a lot of em, but yeah…

if i need any glitched gun badly (i.e. for grinding), i go to Cluster Overlook and just check the first two glitched chests right at the start. one is up high near the fight-clup-trap, the other is just at the right on the small Island. check both chests, takes roughtly 20 sec., Exit out. rinse and repeat. usually works well!

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i don’t know, how the glitched gun farming’s going for you, bud. i just wanted to recommend the Cluster Pandora map. i am running it the whole afternoon, trying to get a Proletarian Revolution to drop. no luck with that yet, but i get a glitched gun approx 4 out of 5 runs. they clearly fiddled with the chest spawn rates there, since regular, non glitched chests, do spawn glitched guns there as well!!

i just check the first 5 chests, 3 regular and 2 glitched, and it works very good. then Exit out and repeat…

I think the mission is called Data Search when you fallow clappy from the big clap trap for to the first chest he takes you to by the big trash compactor looking thing. Inside is a guaranteed glitched weapon. Once you have it save and quit then continue and you will start back at the top by the big trap. Rinse and repeat.

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he is further in the story already, as he farmed the red glitched chest after Hope/Despair.
also, that method is so boring :frowning:

Never said it was fun but it is effective

Check this out: How to farm Glitch Weapons 100% legit! - NO GLITCHES, NO CHEATS

also, if you don’t want to do that, there is always the custom arena