Where does the backburner drop?

Been trying to farm the antagonizer today after the patch but after twenty kills saw nothing but a bunch of fastballs and skins. Did they move the dedicated drop?

nothing in here https://pastebin.com/raw/62D0GZJk

probably antagonizer is just stingy as always.

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Lol sad. Okay well I’ll go another time and check. Thanks.

I was farming the Antagonizer today for 2,5 hours , got 3 Backburner ( Shock, Cor and Ice). And dont forget, you need M6 or higher for the Drop.

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3 hours last night for 2 Backburners, both Incendiary.

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You just got bad luck. I farmed him for maybe and hour or so today and got three different backburners.

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Seems to be the consensus.

Another hour and another Incendiary. Then another hour and finally at least got a Radiation. But he tosses out every other bosses “dedicated” loot like it’s candy. I’ve seen at least 20 Krakatoas, tons of Maggies, the list goes on and on. He seems to be better for getting other bosses loot than for his own drop. Hahhahaha. I got more Hellshocks from him than from farming it.

Also, I kill him in 10 to 15 seconds. So an hour is a LOT of kills.

Farmed the Agonizer 9000 for 3 hours (with 10% chance + Artefact luck +buff loot from the science), same quick kill, had only 2 incendiary and one bad shock, I 'm looking for a corrosive one but never dropped.

While farming, some drop felt under the map pretty often : /

Always a lot of cosmetic item and same weapons : /