Where have all the cowboys gone?

I’ve been playing all week with the rare spawn hunt event. Typically, to prevent boredom, instead of save/quitting everytime, I fast travel to my next destination. Demoskaggins, Force Rangers, Mother of dragons and finally red jabber. I just loop it backwards once I kill red jabber, save/quit and start with him going back thru them all. Got some decent drops. Almost all the class mods i need for Fl4k, good Hex but not the best, firestorm grenade, stormfront, generator cryo trans fusion, cut purse otto idol, snowdrift pull out method, anointed back ham and big boom blasters that are fantastic for Rack Attack builds…
As well as multiple other legendaries, a few crossroads, flakkers, faisors. Good stuff. However, whenever a legendary does not drop and I’m surrounded in a sea of epics, I still take a minute to look at them, especially anointed epics in case I get to upgrade my torgue sticky double penetrating shotgun, my Jacob’s scatterguns, my maliwan binary shotties and my masher. I’m not sure why and I can’t remember how long it’s been but I have not seen a single masher. Forget epic rarity, I haven’t seen a green or a blue version. The last time I remember upgrading my masher was prior to the Leave No Trace hotfix. The original one that nerfed the ability to 2 second cooldown. I have not attempted offline mod to see if I can get one to drop and I’ve been playing on MM3.
Is anyone else, that plays online with all updates and hot fixes active, noticed the same thing?
Are they just that rare? If so, then with my playtime, that would put them at BL2 gen 2 pearl drop rates, which seems crazy to me.
Am I just massively unlucky?

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I have a horribly low drop rate of mashers, definitely equivalent to pearlescents for BL2. I am sure someone will show up any second to tell us how they get gajillions and we are playing the game wrong, but just so you know, you aren’t alone. I actually get more Maggies than I do mashers.

Same here. After I made this post and thought certain of myself that the game was bugged and mashers were glitched or something, I got a blue masher out of a chest. No upgrade but confirmed by our assumptions that they have incredibly low drop rates. Thanx for the confirmation