Where have all the GBX devs gone?

Hi all,

Does anyone know what happened to the devs?

@thisquietreverie last posted on 31/08/15

@BitVenom last posted on 26/08/15

I’ve not really talked to anyone else, but the DevTracker shows no Homeworld thread replies from Devs for almost 3 weeks now :confused:

I for one am missing their input :wink:

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Well usually they get quiet when they get busy. They do have that balance mod to worry about after all! I’m sure they’ll pop in within a month… probably!


Just after a major update and before a big fix they get quiet. It’s expected. They’re scrambling and very busy. It’s a good sign. It means there’s a big surprise coming up :smiley:


Hopefully the surprise is for HW2R and not another title. :slight_smile: I’m anxious to know if the madstate chnages are possible.

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There is a lot of feedback being processed and discussed, there will be a huge rebalance on corvettes (all of them), and a few changes here and there soon on the balance mod, and also the stuff that you guys already know that they are working for some time.
So don’t worry, it is happening :wink:


Might as well send out hunting parties for em +)


I’ve got my fingers crossed for some of the changes to the balance mod being released for weekend testing :smile:

Edit: ask and you shall receive apparently?

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