Where hot fixes, Gearbox?

Hi all! I have one question for Gearbox: Why you don’t make hot fixes for homeworld remastered collection? Because these bugs are critical:
failure scripts in game
In 2 mission of Homeworld Remastered in russian version dialogues was missed
Videos lug
Homeworld 2 classic doesn’t launch, because in game no files such as russian.big and atioglxx.dll (version
Homeworld 1 classic don’t have widescreen resolution and directx support
battle formations are broken
Why gearbox don’t make hot fixes? These are critical bugs!
Sorry for my bad English, I’m from Russia.

Give them time, it’s only been 2 working days since release. They have said they hope to have something out next week.


I don’t ask from gearbox full patches, I just want only small hotfixes like correct dialogue in text file or paste skipped files from hw2 classic, etc.

I’m sure they are working on some fixes.

There’s not much wrong with your English!

Поддерживаю. Не много времени надо, чтобы такой мелкий фикс.
I support. Not a lot of time is necessary, that such small fix.

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We have to remember that these devs have lives, too. They need some time to decompress - working full steam for so long can be very draining.

I await the first patch patiently and with excitement =]


Most of us are working over the weekend on patches… ‘working days’ is a strange term to game developers :wink:

I think we’ve already (through other channels) covered that we’re working on critical issues in a patch first. This stuff takes time to narrow to ‘what to do now’ - and then to fix, and most importantly test fully. ‘hot fixes’ isn’t a good way to describe what we’re doing.

We’re working - ‘critical’ stuff first, obviously.


Approximately when will patch is release? Thank you in advance. :wink:

I want a patch as much as the next guy, but seriously you and your teams mental health is important. Don’t burn yourselves out.


Hey BitVenom, FYI I’ve got the original HW2 Bug List that Sierra and Relic jointly worked on to determine what to patch. There’s stuff in it that I think Relic and Sierra never patched (a lot of it did get into 1.1 though).

Let me know if you want it. UberJumper@Relicnews.com (or hit me up on Facebook in the We Want Homeworld 3 FB Group, look for Tyler Higgs).

Bundled fixes are more efficient if time consuming to produce and release. I’d rather a thorough patch if possible.

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