Where/how can I find Jimmy Jenkins?

Hey guys, this is my first post on here so go easy on me. I’m trying to get the trophy ‘Challenge Accepted’ in Borderlands 2, it is the last trophy that I need in order to get the ‘Borderlands Defender Round Two’ trophy and thus completing them all. I am a level 51 siren playing in TVHM with a friend on two player, so far I have completed all storyline missions and only a few side missions. I have read that he can be found when the ‘Doctors Orders’ side mission is active. How accurate is this information? How likely is be to be found during this mission? Does it require a certain amount of players? Any info/advice will be much appreciated!


He can spawn anywhere a loot midget(maybe only Hyperion versions of them) would. The room with the 4 boxes for doctors orders is a good place to farm. If you don’t pick up any of the recordings you get 4 guaranteed midgets


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Jimmy always pop up in those boxes for me, even if i don’t want him to show up. It is all RNG but probability is high that he will.

I think I got 3 of him in one run. lol

If you do not have the doctors order mission active, Jimmy also appears often in thousand cuts (near the bunker entrance) and in opportunity.


Nice! I’ll definitely try that method first then.