Where in the world is krieg!

What if Maya’s protege is their daughter

:rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::tired_face: (only in my dreams)


I can’t imagine people who have undergone eridium experimentation can still have kids. The games make it sound like turbo-cancer. It probably messes with men’s junk in unspeakable ways…:wink:

Lmao very true! But krieg is a resilient magical being who knows what that meat bicycle is capable of! LMFAOOO

What if he took over the Slabs in Brick’s absence?

YESS I’ve said this!! What if he’s the new slab king?! :prince:t2:

Maybe he’s not crazy anymore too, at least by pandoren standards. I’d be nice to hear the inner-monalog as the standared with only spouts of crazy yelling.

And formed a normal speaking relationship with my girl Maya! Cmonnnn don’t do my boy like that! #JusticeForKrieg

Exactly, you cant let Krieg be alone on his meat bicycle built for two.

Exactly. Built for two

They drove him to a farm upstate.

we can all hope lmao!

Noooo :tired_face:

Omg but how friggin cool would that be she would be the most powerful little girl there is! :muscle:t2::rofl:

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watch it come true they sure love fan service anyway lol :blush::sunglasses:

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The devs have stated they don’t want to put Vault Hunters in for the sake of it. We may see some of the so far unconfirmed Vault Hunters in DLC.

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Krieg has been controlled by the Calypso Twins and will be a major CoV boss in the game that we will have to kill a la Bloodwing.
That’s my guess.

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This I can get behind this. Even if he’s RIP I wanna know how my strong man goes out or if he gets redemption! :heart:

This would be terribly amazing. I don’t wanna imagine fighting krieg after he’s Released the Beast :rofl::flushed:

SHIV? is that you kriegy boy?!

Even if he’s just mentioned in some way in Bl3, I hope my boy is doing well for himself somewhere in the borderlands universe.:pleading_face: