Where is a good place to farm a slag weapon for uvhm?

Hello, I am a level 52 Krieg currently in the process of gearing up for uvhm, and was wondering where I should go to get a slag weapon for my 4th slot, and also whether I should go for a Slag shotgun so it can synergize with salt the wound stacks or just get something that can apply it as soon as possible?

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If I ever need a slag weapon I would go for the slagga, i would go to tvhm and finish the clan war side quest and kill Tector until he drops one. Or I would grab the grog from beard makes the man side quest in uvhm from the Tina dlc. Just don’t finish the quest and it scales with your level.


Grog Nozzle is great, but doesn’t persist across playthroughs, as far as I’m aware, so OP would have to beeline for it, and he’d want a Slag weapon to make getting there easier.

OP, my suggestions would be a Slagga (multiple projectiles + fast fire rate + large magazine = great chance to Slag), a Slag Rubi (for healing),or a Slag Crossfire (long duration aoe Slag application - great for bosses, as they tend to clear Slag pretty quickly). Magic Missile is also an option, but everything everything I’ve seen on it makes it seem like it’s something you throw and hope it Slags the target you were aiming for, rather than something you can control. However, I have never gotten one to test out for myself, so take that with a grain of salt.

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Given that you’re at level 52…

  • Drop back into TVHM and get a Slagga from as suggested. Alternatively, a slag Rubi or other side quest reward. Level
  • Check the vending machines or play the slots for any slag SMG or similar (in either mode)
  • Look for a slag singularity or bouncing bonnie/betty grenade mod
  • Hit Tiny Tina’s in TVHM for a Magic Missile (X2 is fine)

The level of the slag weapon is not that important. You’ll find more as you go through UVHM. Don’t spend too much time farming back in TVHM though, or you’ll be way over-levelled compared to your existing weapons and you will struggle.


Go get the Slagga from the Clan Wars quest. Oh and a Storm Front grenade - only 2 things you need! :smiley:


I also just remembered that mission from Marcus where he goes over Slag weapons. Don’t turn it in, and you’ll get a Slag pistol.

Pimpernel no matter the level is one of the best things you can get for slagging and it is a quest reward, so you don’t need to grind for it that much.

Any slag longbow singularity with 0 fuse is good and the best thing for mobbing, imho.

Crossfire is good, but in solo runs singularities would be better for mobbing I think(unelss you are using blackhole, dunno)

Farming slagga is pointless, but some people like it. Slagga is a wasted slot in most cases, unless you are playing in coop as some slag machine, if that is even a viable thing to do.

I have never tried it, but I think slowhand may be good at slagging in aoe+it doesn’t damage you in the community patch+that’s a moxxie shotgun and it has huge aoe, but slagga is like much easier to farm.

If you want a shotgun badly, then the most rational shotgun for a slag weapon would be slag butcher(does it exist?). I am not a krieg player, so I have no idea why do you need a slagging shotgun. Also, I just can’t imagine anyone farming for this gun.

Personally am fond of Slag Transfusion (which you can farm for in the Badass Crater near Moxxi’s bar), and the Slag Crossfire. Though said Crossfire has been far riskier from my experience.

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If you’re Krieging it up you should listen to @Psymonkee. Bloodlust Krieg with a Slagga and a Fastball decimates maps. Storm Fronts melt mobs when they’re painted purple. With Blood Filled Guns and Blood Twitch the clip on a Slagga is practically infinite and reloads pretty quick, and Bloodbath will keep you flush with Fastballs. The Slagga does good damage as well as painting the field purple in a most efficacious way. As far as grenades go my Krieg, besides Fastballs, carries a low level slag Betty-style grenade for when every gun slot is filled with Torgue or Tediore explosive goodness. I like singularity nades, but I think that they are best in shock because they don’t slag reliably enough in my opinion. Slag transfusions are good and I use them on my other toons, but if you’re using Release the Beast they can throw off your rampage timing. All of the other slag tools mentioned are great, as long as you get something with a good rate of fire and a decent slag chance you should be fine.

Also, you can hit Marcus’s Mercenary Shop and open up train chest farming. In UVHM it will always be at level and you get a wide variety of gear, including a chance at legendaries and pearls, everytime. It’s not a bad way to stay up to date in UVHM if drops and vendors aren’t being kind to you.

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