Where is Admiral Bannon?

“The UPR’s been taking heavy losses trying to reclaim their old settlements on Bliss. Admiral Bannon put out a call for assistance. We could start there.” - Ghalt, at the end of the Prologue.
We’ve all probably heard this at least once. But has anyone heard it and asked: “Wait, who the heck is Admiral Bannon?” I did.
Now, with the rank of Admiral, and the fact that Ghalt apparently thought he didn’t need to explain who he was (implying that Bannon is the kind of person that Kleese, Mellka and Deande had at least heard of), you’d think he would have some relevance in the story after that, right?
Nope, Admiral Bannon never gets mentioned a single time after that one quote. Even on the three Bliss missions, where it’s apparently because he called for help that the Battleborn are there, he’s never seen or heard from once.
Why? It could just be me, but I think Bannon should have had some kind of appearance in the campaign, even if it was just a statue of him at a UPR outpost or a recording of his voice saying something.
This thread is intended for people to say what they think. What’s your headcanon? Who is Admiral Bannon, where is he, and why wasn’t he here?


One of the dead bodies littered around the bliss maps, I’d wager.

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A Name so Nobody asks “Who sent the Message?”, but they didn’t think about the Follow up questions of OP.

They could still go for an Appearance in another OP, but I really think we will not now anything more about him.

Unless they make another wave of heroes and make him the next playable UPR, with one Piece of Lore explaining the Wherabouts of him.

Also the description is VERY suggestive… It doesn’t say he is on the Front Lines or on Bliss at all, so maybe all he really did was push the button which send a Message. And the rest is BB history