Where is Athena

I was thinking which I’m able to do sometimes, I don’t know if it’s been covered or not but what is up with Athena. I didn’t play tales from the borderlands all the way through so if it was addressed in that forgive me. But at the end of The Presequel the freaky alien saves athena and states war is coming, which it did, but saying you’ll need all the vault hunters you can get. What I want to know is did athena just disappear? Or did I even miss her being mentioned in b3? Which is entirely possible. Just asking.

There was no mention in BL3. Sniff sniff, smells like a dlc is a-comin!

It’s not clear in Bl3 what she’s really doing but she’s probably still trining Fiona to become a VH. (in tales Fiona starts the training with Athena but in the end we didn’t REALLY see any changes in Fiona.)

In Tales, Athena was in Pandora with Janey. They’re probably living together in Hollow Point (Rusty Commons East), where they built a home. That if Lilith released her. Why her capture by the Crimson Raiders was completely ignored by the BL3 writers is unknown.

She become a planet.


That made me laugh. Ok thanks for filling me in. I’ll have to finish tales from the borderlands sometime. I liked Fiona as a character though. Hopefully dlc’s will bring some of my favorite characters back.

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DAMN, the girl got THICC AS HELL.

she will be in one of the dlc

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qe2zWnYSz70&feature=youtu.be 20:42

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