Where Is Battleborn PVP Headed?

This post was inspired by a truly excellent point that @sagewindu made in the “why don’t people compete in tournaments” thread.

These are some of my musings on the current state of Battleborn PVP:

It’s becoming, actually has long ago already become, those who are hardcore or close to it and those who are not yet hardcore but plan to do whatever it takes to get there versus those who just want to play casually, have fun, and not be 100 percent on point, coordinated, and meta comp driven all the time.

The more casual people (and I honestly HATE the negative connotation that the term “casual” has taken on in this and other gaming communities, like casual gets tossed around as an insult now, which is complete bullsh*t) will lose a bunch and stop coming back.

The hardcore players will keep winning, or only losing to other hardcore teams, or mostly retreat into private scrimmages (thus costing the player base even more regular players), and the want-to-become hardcore players will still lose, but, start winning progressively more often as they adopt the tactics of and / or befriend those hardcore players who defeat them.

I personally like to consider myself as not hardcore but fairly above casual, and I play with a regular crew of 5-20 people, all of whom are substantially better than me, and there are 30-40 players out there who we dread playing, not to mention the increasing number of hardcore players / teams who slaughter us that we DON’T recognize.

Is either group (casual or hardcore) wrong in their goals for playing?


Of course not.

One should not be punished for getting really good at something.

Not should one be punished for wanting to have casual, mindless fun with a videogame.

Do I truly wish that a LOT of people out there in PvPVille would take things a lot less seriously and have better attitudes towards their reasons for playing and the tactics they adopt?

Oh, hells yeah!

What do you guys all think?

Thanks in advance.


Perosnally, I think this discussion is somewhat unnecessary as the proportion of hardcore players (at least on PS4) is relatively small and is not a problem in the larger perspective. Though I can understand the concern for a growing elitist portion of the communtiy.

Nevertheless, I’m just going to quote myself from another thread;

I removed most tags, otherwise it’s the intact.

To go off on somewhat off a tangent here though; the most bothersome thing to me is that good players don’t recognise other players that are good simply because their causal. To simplify it some;

On a 10-point scale measuring skill, where 10 is fantastic and 0 is horrible, I’d say that 6 or above is a good player. However, the fantastic players only deem 9s and 10s as good players while the rest are generalised as bad. That really bothers me.

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The proportion is getting larger!


And it’s frustrating cuz I KNOW it’s driving good / nice / talented / chill / fun people away.

Also, thank you for the refresher on your wonderful and well-stated thoughts from that other post (also by me, LOL :joy:).

The point you made in that epic wall of text that resonates with me the most is that you don’t remember EVERY loss you have in a session, you remember those insane, brutal, oh-God-what-is-even-happening-look-at-all-the-blood-WHERE-DID-MY-LIMBS-GO matches where, as you mentioned, you are targeted and shredded by 3 to 4 5ths of a team every time you poke even a finger out from cover.

Those kind of matches make me think, “Even if me and my team was CAPABLE of playing like this…would we WANT to?”

Definitely hard to muster up the cojones to keep playing after moral shredding losses like that!


I think neither group is wrong, but the issue is a problem and unless drastic action is taken by the devs it will continue to strangle this game.

And for the “it’s a small portion of the community” statement I’d like to counter with “1 aw ■■■■ wipes out a thousand attaboys” meaning people remember negative experiences more than positive (for the most part our own @FlamesForAll seems immune to this)

For example I noticed some of the people I played with would target people using the same character as them(especially when playing their main)…this wasn’t helped by the devs deciding to just hide command ranks(I’m aware you can check it via scoreboard, but most people I knew didn’t bother to check typically)

so…honestly elements of this community are killing of the rest of the community just from not realizing what they’re doing


Anybody else hear a hammer swinging …?

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What do you mean?

Thank god
(or whatever mod is currently on)

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Agree. It’s disheartening when players start targeting opponents relentlessy for no “justifiable” reason within the game (a tank keeping the push, a healer keeping everyone alive, a sniper creating “no-go-zones” etc.), and it often dissolves into one of these;

  1. The opponent plays character X, therefore he/she
    must die.
  2. The opponent uses helix X, therefore he/she
    must die.
  3. The opponent uses gear X, therefore he/she
    must die.
  4. The opponent hasn’t died yet, therefore he/she
    must die.
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Sounds like someone, I know… hmmm :wink:

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Cooooommmmeeeee baaaaaaacccckkkkk, Solo!

I’d love to (I often think), but work has really hampered my play time.

And well, I’m not sure I even have fun anymore to be honest, elitist or what-nots notwithstanding. When winning or losing emits no emotions of joy, what’s the point? (I begin to gaze at my navel; pondering)