Where is challenges menu?

Inspect menu > 2nd tab (Manufacturer) > @bottom

“View more detail in the challenges menu”

For the life of me I cannot find this dang menu. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere but I guess not or I’ve overlooked it countless times. Please help :slight_smile:

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Ditto! Tired of seeing a “challenge completed, hold ‘button’ to open” just to see my guardian rank… Or when it prompts “so-and-so has completed such-and-such challenge, hold ‘button’ to view” just to see my rank…

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Galaxy view, challenges.


God bless you. I even looked there but i think i was in Sanctuary and it showed nada and i didnt think to change to planets. Seriously, thanks.

I think if you press and hold to late it’ll not show you challenges. It’s another bug for this untested game.

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Holding ‘button’ opens menu to the map from where you have to navigate to find challenges yourself. This can be confusing to new players, even old players for that matter, as in Bl2 the challenges were entwined with the rank menu. Bl3 has new concept to play along with area challenges such as “dead claptraps” and etc… Yet holding ‘button’ should direct one immediately to the challenge manifesto rather than the map.

Zone progress - Planet Progress - Galaxy Progress.

I suppose this is a bit more convenient when compared Bl2’s Challenge manifesto, where one had to scroll through all the challenges to arrive at the particular sought-out challenge.
Still, with that being stated, it would be even more convenient if, when prompted and ‘button’ held, it directed one to the challenge in which you had been requested.

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That’s how I found it in the first place, by holding the button and it took me the challenges. Also I think it was only on completed one, not any challenge progress.

Another instance of simply poor UI or lack of testing / feedback from actual users.

Oh wait, not sure if i can even say that - mods have deleted 4/5 of my last posts for being overly critical of fundamental flaws in the game.

Even Stasi Germany would be ashamed the amount of censoring going on here. Full on PR nightmare mode.


Make you challenges menu easier to find GB!

Geez im glad im not the only one having trouble finding the darn thing in game.


And this whole time I thought I was a big dummy cuz I couldn’t find it. I kinda thought I was gonna only get like one reply to this thread with someone telling me how blind and simple I was for not being able to find em. Glad to see I was wrong.

Maybe if enough fuss is made they will add a page/tab in between the Skills & Guardian Rank tabs. I’m not sure how much Gearbox listens and interacts with their own forum. Maybe some of you vets know.