Where is cross platform co op?

No news on this in months.

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They seem to be having trouble even getting their single platform matchmaking working reliably… so, if I had to go out on a limb, I would say this is not happening, or if it does, it’s going to be bad.


As I recall, it was never a announced as a definite “this is going to happen” thing, more of a “we’ll look into it once we’ve got the stuff we’ve already committed to out”. So I wouldn’t expect to hear anything much before the final paid DLC (of which we’ve had one so far.)

I recall Randy saying it will happen but not at launch, though not a gearbox official announcement on it.

December 19th Minecraft finally went full cross platform. On one hand there’s a lot of twitches and bumps between b3 on each platform, so until each version has the same hiccups sorted out, not gonna happen. On the other, just like Minecraft, Sony IS the real stopper on this, and is going to require a likewise approach. We already have the backbone( MC uses a microsoft account, B3 can use Shift), otherwise we’re going to end up with consoles having blind connection to PC players and no way for Xbone and ps4 to connect, like Spacelords, or force joining from a separate friends list inside the game, like Rocket League.

I think Epic is too busy looking for the ball they dropped. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I guess to be fair, cross platform is not theirs alone to get working.

ATM only confirmed cross-play is Epic-Steam.

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So wishing this would happen. I read an article about cross-play once. It was saying how way back Microsoft wouldn’t give into Sony about the cross-play. Now that Sony has control of the market they are resisting it to Microsoft. I think Borderlands 3 has a good chance at cross-play since Epic games got it done with Fortnite after a ton of player flak. Keeping fingers crossed.

Epic-Steam would be a great start.

Steam would be a great start… lol.

Well I’m more curious about PC and Xbox playing together but all platforms would be great.

I was kind of hoping BL3 would be one of the ‘play anywhere’ titles. but it ended up not being on the list. I wonder if that was part of the Epic exclusive terms? If it was, it’s always possible it will end up as ‘play anywhere’ title once the exclusivity period ends. I guess we’ll have to wait another couple of months or so to find out.

Smite doesn’t really have any problems getting it done, I do t know what the issue is.

Once I can play with my friend on his Xbox with me on PC I’ll buy the game :slight_smile: