Where is everybody?

Every time, for the past week, that i try to play online, nobody is ever on.

Did nobody else buy this game on the one?
What’s up with this Gearbox?

I know right multiplayer is dead :frowning:

Its because they’re on here, asking for weapons or powerlevelling.

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True but still you pay 40$ for a game with basicly no multiplayer

They have stopped playing cause they are sick of quest objectives updating after people make speeches instead of before. Worst idea ever.

I play online but none of my friends that I played the version of this game on the PS3 don’t yet have a PS4 yet so I have noone to play multiplayer with.

Who really cares about MP? I for one could care LESS of no one is ever on. I wish they would focus on the single player portion more than MP. $60 for a game of this caliber is AMAZING. 2 full games, PLUS all the DLC. I have well over 60 days played in BL2, and 10 or so in TPS, and I may have played a grand total of 4-5 hours in MP. The only reason was to get from OP4 to OP8 and to get that stupid achievement of completing level 13 with other players.

Who really cares about multiplayer? Gearbox. They keep putting in 4 player co-op mode and advertising it.

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