Where is everyone? Pre-Sequel multiplayer dead?

Alright I’m just putting this out there since I’m curious, but is anyone even playing the Pre-Sequel anymore?

Now I understand that the Handsome Collection comes with both the Pre-Sequel AND Borderlands 2 but has everyone already given up on the Pre-Sequel and moved onto BL2? I bought the collection with the intention of mainly playing TPS since I bought BL2 when it was first released back on the 360/PS3. I put hundreds upon hundreds of hours into it so I don’t really feel inclined to play it again. Unfortunately it seems like no one has any interest in the Pre-Sequel though based on my experience:

-Set my multiplayer game to public on any playthrough at any level? No one joins.

-Use the in-game Matchmaking feature to find others? 1 or 2 lobbies at most and the lag makes it almost unplayable…not to mention no one seems to use a mic of any kind.

-Look on community forum to try and link up with others? Powerlevel, powerlevel, and more powerleveling with some minor trading going on…mainly in regards to BL2.

Am I wrong here? Anybody else out there still playing TPS? Shoot me a message on Xbox if you are. I’m not really trying to play through this whole game solo. GT = spencrU


Ive never seen a joinable game through matchmaking, makes it hard to get the 4 player achievement for doing the sublevel 13 missions…

Haha I’m actively playing now. Albeit I’m stuck on this goddamn EOS boss from the claptrap DLC, posted here and nobody has replied. Guess the sense of comradery has died.

matchmaking is broken and it would appear that gearbox is doing nothing to fix it because i have searched for matches all day and haven’t found one i have had friends start matches to see if match making would find them and nothing there others complaining about the same problem in other tech support sections

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Tried getting some help on some Pre Sequel bosses, only managed to get into a group once.

Every single other time it’s giving me full games i can’t join or nothing at all. I’m guessing either too many people are trying to solo their way or the matchmaking has gotten off to a rough start.

I set my game to public and somehow people on my friends list still feel the need to request an invite. Which seems to me that matchmaking may indeed have some issues.

GT: matrixneo42
xbox one

I think there are issues with matchmaking. Only once when I set my game to public did people join, and I usually see no games available when I search for them.
GT: Lawkon
Xbox one

If your on xbox one add me. I just got the xbone 2 weeks ago and my friends list is empty. I mainly play with my nephew so im always looking for people to play with. All i play is TPS.

Gt angelskydd

Add me I will play either one GT: FluidShot

I’ve been playing TPS for awhile now. I am looking for some to co op with. Level 36 Claptrap or I can play something else. It doesn’t matter to me. GT: I Elite Monk I

I play all of the time, anyone can add me to play. gt: B3KILLAHBEE

Well, id love to play the Pre-Sequel, but until the horrible screen tearing is fixed, I refuse to touch it. It sucks because the whole reason I bought the Handsome Collection was the PS, and right now im feeling extremely ripped off. Chances are a lot of people feel somewhat soured because of the performance issues (which shouldn’t have been there) and are just hoping like I am that the games problems will get sorted out soon. I will not play TPS in its current state, and I don’t think I should have to after dropping $60 on it.

What screen tearing? I play tps on xbox one and the only problem i have is the audio on just one map seams bugged. The subconcious map on the claptrap dlc is bugged for me. Other than that there is no problem.

Hey I wanna play with some people
Xbox one

  1. Matchmaking is broken on the Borderlands Handsome Collection.
    You have to add friends to play it.

  2. Borderlands 2 is more fun to play than Borderlands The Presequel.
    Not many people like to play TPS.

I will play with anyone.
My gamertag is GhostWolfViking.
Xbox One

Feel free to add me, Use to play on PS3 a TON when it came out. Just got it on Xbox one and with match making being broken I’m not having much fun. So feel free to add me GT: Legendary Ecko

I’m going to be playing it pretty much everyday for the next week or so on TVhM on my Athena. Add me: Mr Eddie VH

Added you, Mr Eddie VH.

I’m pretty much playing TPS until I level all the characters up, and then some.
GT is CupcakeManageri~

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Add me my gamer tag is weedpanties and im level 50 with the baroness