Where is everyone putting their three extra skill points?

I’m hoping pets will see a nice damage buff maybe ferocity will be worth spending more than two points into it.

1 in Fast and Furryous, 2 in Ferocity.

I could put more points in WRW, but I feel like my pet survives fine with 1 point.


1 more in Fast and Furryous and 2 in either Hunter’s Eye or Hidden Machine

Depending on how patchnotes go might go for switching to Grim Harvest and Rakk Attack again


Going by the schedule so far, we can expect another level cap increase in August or early September. Hopefully that one will be a bit more impactful, though as FL4K’s there really isn’t much to do beyond this point. By level 64 Gamma builds will be able to get Lick the Wounds, but crit builds are basiclly set at 57. Frenzy would be a nice extra, but nothing else in the Master tree is really worthwhile with Fade.

I hope those 4th trees come soon.


I’m running a 5/5 Frenzy 1/3 He Bites 1/5 Who Rescued Who 3 shot Fade now. I had TPI but pet kept dying so went this route and been crushing it.


By level 64 that will be the FA meta. There won’t be anything of value to get besides Frenzy. R&R is bugged, Hidden Machine is wonky, you have HC for cool down, Sic Em’ ain’t worth unless building for pet damage, 2 Fang works terribly with most of FL4K’s best weapons, Ambush predator is underwhelming, and Grim Harvest is super weak.


At least Gamma can get all the good skills in Stalker, and always has Hidden Machine to look forward to eventually. Since I doubt we’re going past level 70 though, there really will come a point (after the next cap increase) that the extra points will be kind of worthless on FL4K if you’re going for a crit build.

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What I’m running right now on a splash build centered around the Plaguebearer


I have been thinking about trading Hunter’s Eye for Second Intention, but I really don’t reload that much.

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Maybe, but think 2nd Int would be more noticeable with 2 points than HE, unless you run Bounty Hunter.

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My Bounty Hunter is a +3/2 in Frenzy and MDG. I might try for the 12% reload speed, but damn I can wreck Wotan lol

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I’m currently running a red/green only gamma build, so i’ll probably put the points in either hunter’s eye or grim harvest. Considering finishing the last 2 in self-repairing system just to make sure the health based skills are mostly up, though

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The fact that the option to not take Megavore in FL4K doesn’t exist is going to be a problem in the future.
Even if a fourth tree is added.
I can see a future of investing in a fourth tree after taking the Megavore.

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On my Fl4k Sniper build, I’m putting 2 points into Big Game and one point into Grim Harvest:


You don’t ‘have’ to take Megavore. It depends on your build. If melee damage makes a big come back and pets are finally usable as more than a ffyl assist, then I see a lot of builds focusing on Stalker and Master, or Master and Hunter… Today’s patch will hopefully make all of that happen for those who want it.


I think Big Game and Most Damgerous Game have more weight in the Hunter tree than Megavore. Megavore just offers a huge QoL advantage for the most part as a lot of crit bonuses don’t apply to Megavore pseudo crits.


My Rakk build is Hunter/Stalker only with TPI and Megavore, so I have no points invested in the Master tree at this point. Looks about like this. https://bl3zone.com/planner/AAB5CO5CQ5CR3CS1CU3CV3CW1CZ5DA3DB5DC2DD5DG3DH3DI1DJ1DL-ac1BCau1BEau2BG I threw the extra couple points into HE for now but assuming HC gets fixed, I would put the points there.

I would assume that we will continue to get level cap increases to about 70, so my plan as of now for that would be to go 2 in Persistence Hunter, 1 each in GTFE and Ferocity, and then figure out a way to split the other 5 points between WRW and Frenzy.

For now though, if they fix HC with this patch, I would put the extra 3 points in HC. EDIT: to make it more clear that my 3 points would go into probably HC, but my 10 - 13 points would be used completely differently as it opens up skill tree options for my build.

And as for the comments about whether Megavore is “required” for Fl4k - I do not agree that it is required.

However, it just makes all Fl4k’s other skills work just that much better. A synergistic skill, as they say. If you are using Jakobs weapons, the Recursion, Redistributor, or Reflux, Megavore really makes those weapons shine and you really want Megavore if your build is going to focus on those weapons. But otherwise, no, Megavore is more of a “nice to have” as opposed to a requirement.

Sorry for 3 posts in a row.

@jaded718 You are running GB with no points in the Master tree? Why?

I will admit I have only done a little more than play around with GB builds as it is not really my thing. Is it a thing for a lot of players to play GB without any points in the Master tree? If so, why?

Maybe you could describe your build a little more and it will help me understand.

I don’t think it’s too bad. Jack kind of “needed” Leadership, but it was a great skill that offered up a fun play style.

As someone who mostly played without Megavor up until about a month ago though…you do definitely want it. Playing with TPI is SO SLOW. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but it felt like playing a cover shooter where I would just pop out every few seconds for some pot shots then retreat while my pet re-established aggro. I have YT of my runs in Athenas with TPI vs Megavor, and Megavor cut down my clear time by 3 or so minutes IIRC.

I haven’t seen anyone do it yet? But i wanted to maximize v1+v2 damage while still having pet rez. If i only dip into the blue tree, I basically only get frenzy and empathic rage, whereas with full green i get The power inside and fast and furryous, both of which synergize extremely well with gamma burst.

I specifically wanted to skip persistence hunter to maximize ase anoints on shield and grenade as well (and also maximizes TPI)

It works on a lot of the same principles as… I think it was ratore’s?.. Urad build, but my anointments are 200% weapon damage ase and 100% elemental n2m, almost exclusively using plaguebearer

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@jaded718 Interesting idea and thought process. Thanks for explaining!

My assumption would be that you would lose out on a lot of the health regen and DPS benefits of GB by not spec’ing Master tree, but if it works, that’s cool.

Do you play Mayhem 10 with this build?

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Btw, I swapped to a Red Fang and Gamma with my spec posed above and same loadout I was using and put M10 on cruise control.

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