Where is Face Puncher dropping, now?

Because I have killed Muldoch in Fort Sunshine a couple dozen times today, and I have gotten zero.

And this is with the Boss Hotfix applied.


You’ve got the right spot,Muldock is a little stingy but I’ve had times when it drops every run and then it will run cold and not drop it for awhile


I just do not understand why it is not dropping in Mayhem 10 with the Boss Mode Hotfix running.

I thought dedicated drops were 100%.

They are for most/all enemies, but per loot pool, not per item. Muldock has two dedicated drops in his loot pool.

What is his other one?

He’s popped with only blues at best, at times today, btw.

I’m not sure but I don’t know if he counts as a boss,someone here maybe knows

Rectifier shield.

He is dropping the Maggie every 3rd go, lol.

I got one Rectifier in there, and one Face Puncher off of a random mob.

I got a billion Shooting Stars though.

And a dozen Maggies.

Maggie and Shooting Star are dropping from Turnkey Tim, enemy in the same location.

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Thanks, again. :slight_smile:

Still no Face Punchers, minus the one I got off of an Anointed Zealot.

I keep getting Handsome Jackhammers off of him, too.

Like, one of every 2 goes.

I think Gearbox might have coded him with Jackie’s loot pool for this event, by mistake.

I’ll try farm him later and check.

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Didn’t handsome Jackie drop the facepuncher?

He used to.

Now he dropped the Handsome Jackhammer.

And so is Muldock.

At a Dedicated rate. At an Event Dedicated rate.

Which leads me to believe that GB accidently applied the same loot pool to both of them, this event.

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Dedicated drop with every kill, so looks ok for me.
Edit: OK, something is not ok, now he didn’t drop any legendary. But I saw couple Face Punchers overall.

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I saw 2, too… over the course of 3+ hours of farming him. And one of them definitely came from an Anointed mob. Because that time, much like what you saw, he just dropped blues and greens… halfway across the map from the FP drop.

I got more Face Punchers whilst farming Monarchs.

That is messed up. Literally.

Tom and Sam (Cobra… Uncles???) no doubt yield more.

What type of facepuncher do you want? I have both the X14 and X7 in 300/90 annointments. Threw the rest away.
I’m on PSN.

The former, lol.

Thank you - it is truly appreciated, as seeing other people’s generosity, sincerely warms my heart.

But I am as OCD about being self-found as is humanly possible, without a prescription for:

“Crazy to point of declining a Perma Grog Nozzle.”

I may be insane, but I ain’t self-harming, LMAO.

Ok no worries the offer is out there if you continue to have no luck and end up giving up lol!
For what it’s worth, mine dropped in the slaughtershaft. It’s worth a try as being a world drop the shaft is not a bad option.

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So, um, yeah.

…I just got my 300/90 × 14 FP.

…from farming Killavolt for Monarchs. :confused: