Where is jimmy jenkins

i just now looked down thru the challenge and saw i have not yet killed jimmy Jenkins and im past the part where its supposed to be easiest to find him… i kinda want t get the challenged accepted achievement on my main character and jimmy is one of the only things i have missing. can i even find him now that i am so far into the missions on tvhm.? if so where

Any place crowded by Hyperion Loaders, but especially in Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, Arid Badlands, Thousand Cuts and Arid Boneyard.

You may want to not to do the Doctor’s Orders mission, to farm for Jimmy and the Loot Midgets. It is a random spawn, so be cautious when you’re opening Hyperion ammo crates, cardboard boxes and lockers.

i already have doctors orders done can jimmy still be found?

There’s more places he can spawn but it’s so random that I really wouldn’t recommend them.

I assume you mean you already did the Doctors Orders sidemission in Wildlife Exploitation Preserve where you had to pick up the echos?
And if so, are you not planning to play through the game again in UVHM, e.g. do you just want to get all the trophies and get done with it?

Unless you have a friend with the mission still open, I’d still recommend speed running through UVHM story mode again after you complete TVHM (maybe use some golden keys to provide you with decent enough gear) to the point where you can pick up the doctors orders side mission again. Not picking up the echoes and farming the loot midgets in the 4 boxes room there is the most consistent way I can think of, and even that will require a few tries (I’d estimate about a 20-30 loot midgets or 5-7 runs on average, if not more).

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probably gonna be a while before i do uvhm, i want to complete all the missions/side missions in tvhm first, was just hopeing to get that achievement out of the way (xbox 360)

Yep. Like loot midgets.

The idea with Doctor Orders is to get 3 to 4 loot midget spawns in that room with the cardboard boxes. There is a high chance to get Jimmy Jenkins spawned. And to farm for some legendary or pearlescent weapons in UVHM.

jimmy will probs be left till i get to uvhm

Good advice. I’ve farmed the loot midget boxes in the WEP for ages without seeing JJ, only to have him pop out of stalker goo piles, lockers, and goodness knows what else. His spawn chance is quite low (I’m guessing there’s a % for spawning a loot midget, and it’s some further % of that) so you need to open a LOT of boxes and crates, but I’ve been surprised by him in all those locations. I’ve even had him jump out twice in a row once! Just make sure you’ve cleared any red dots off your mini-map before you start opening things.

That’s probably the best idea to save you from frustration.

Unless of course you have a friend that could help you with letting you in his game to farm doctors orders over and over.

I completed lv5 JEEEEEEEEEEEENKINS challenge by just farming Loot midgets in WEP.

You know, random is random.

OK, now I’m really impressed. I don’t think I could stand doing that run over and over that many times!

Oh, but that’s because I farmed them almost 30-35 times in a row. One of those runs, got almost 3 JJ’s and a WEE JET one (which dropped a nice Corrosive Butcher).

I’ve only seen him in 2 spots: the area where claptrap turns off the force field on the road to the Bunker. (The Little B was hiding in an ammo box near where the BA Constructor sets up.) I’ve also seen him in Opportunity on the left side as you are heading to the dock area.

I think I’ve met him with everyone but Gaige- and I didn’t even get him once with Zero until I had Zero at OP8…

guess its gonna take a while to get the achievement then , guess ill have to grind for him at some point…only place ive ever seen loot midgets is that room in wildlife exploration preserve. also i only have my level 51 axton, i don’t plan on starting another character until i at least have all missions done in tvhm and have him leveled up some.

No Pain, No Gain mate.
Go for those midgets.

Doing the LLM run in the preserve is pretty fun. it shouldn’t take you too long to hit that point in the story again.

yeah ill do that when i get to uvhm, got a lot of quests and a bunch of leveling to do before then tho…i have no idea how im gonna get from level 51 up to 61

I have several toons in all play modes that still have the “Doctors Orders mission” open (with 0 of 4 echos’ picked up). For obvious reasons I am very cautious about who I let in the game. I am on Xbox 360 though.

any chance we can jump in a game and farm midgets?