Where is Moxxi and Where is the Support?

Hi Everyone.

Firstly, i’m very frustrated so i’m trying to keep calm and not fire like a rocket and say something stupid. So here are the facts.

1> I pre-order the Limited edition Moxxi close to release time in July and have patiently waited, though delays (delays don’t bother me too much)

2> Once the time come (December 28th?) there was no email or the like to suggest my order was on the way and the release date banner disappeared.

3> I couldn’t find any evidence that the item had been shipped so i used this fancy “where’s my stuff” link and typed in my order code and got a message that says
Something minor is holding up
your order (probably your shipping address). Please double check your
shipping information and contact Customer Service so we can get your order out without further delay.
I still have the original email from the 8th of July and my address is written perfect.

4> I open a ticket on the 4th of Jan - hey guys - what’s the hold up etc.
I get a reply 3 days later “Hello, Ivan. Your Mad Moxxi statue is scheduled to ship out next week
with your preferred shipping option. I’ll make sure you’re sent the shipping confirmation and tracking info once it ships.”

5> after hearing nothing, a week later i reply if this was still the case, the where’s my stuff is giving me the exact same report and i’m watching youtubes of people who have their statues.

6> 7 more days later i email support again as i didn’t hear from them on the 12th and this mesage is going out oin the 19th - Hey!!! Where’s support, i don’t need Moxxi right here in front of me now, but it would be nice to know it has been sent - i mean coming here and reading those who got broken ones etc have had multiple statues arrive and i still can’t get ONE.

7> Ive done one more “where’s my stuff” link and still same message - nothing from support since 7th of January.

I’m very frustrated - i know alot of you paid $250 for this, imagine how much worse it is when you paid over $150 in postage as well!!!

So now i’m here, hoping a more public message will push someone to help me find out, what’s wrong with my order that it is being held up, did mine go to another person who needed a broken one replaced?

Sorry i had to do this, i friggin love Gearbox and i’m a proud owner of a life sized Claptrap i won at Pax AUS 2015! This treatment doesn’t feel fair.


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