Where is my bee shield?

So I got my 8th weapon and the tick has come up on the Maliwan Legendary thingy, it says my 4000 points have been removed but I havent had a bee shield put into Borderlands 2 yet? It says it may take 2hrs but I redeemed it at 9am (GBT) and its now 23:00 GBT now, was wondering whats happening as am a little worried my game may have been unlinked? Any sorta help would be appreciated and please try not to judge me I get paranoid kinda easily aha

Check the SHIFT rewards list. Is the Bee listed there?

I have the same problem I also got the bee and it is listed on SHiFT web page but isn’t appearing in the game

Try singing out of both your game and PC/console account then signing back in and re-launching your game. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact the support desk.

I think there is a problem today with award redemptions - I also cashed in a few points for Hellfire and Amara skin, but while they appear on my profile page here:

They have not made it to SHiFT network yet, at least this page does not know about them:


Signing in/out did not help so far - I plan to sleep on it and see what happens in a day or two.

Bro could you possibly send me a link to support desk?? That would be awesome :slight_smile:

It is man! Thats whats so confusing :confused:

Yesterday, VIP site had some problems and didn’t worked correctly. If the bee shield won’t apper in your backpack in 24h after purchase, you should contact support https://support.2k.com

wait, there’s a Bee in BL3?

This post is about claiming a bee shield in Borderlands 2.