Where is my BUZZ AXE ?!......where is the pretty lady?

where is the only “gentle” PSYCHO on the pandore galaxi system ?:face_with_monocle:
i’m just a fan of this tortured MONSTER antihero
and “play” with him was great on BORDERLAND 2
so i hope very hard maybe in a DLC to play with him again :grin:

AND RIDE HIS SLENDID MEAT BICYCLE !!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
WITH A NEW TRAILER and A NEW BUZZ AXE !!! :heart_eyes:

please gearbox make me dream …:pleading_face:


i mean, you shouldnt need it to be sure to dream, besides, if it is true, its less dreaming and more thinking

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“Cool Story bro!” - Borderlands 3


mad hope OK but borderland have this wonderfull character so why not ?

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i know, I like krieg too, but the most we can hope for is that he and others get some dlc time

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Krieg is my favorite of all time so here’s hoping something changes.

Sorry to Amara fans but the melee from Krieg was just…awesome.


waht about fire krieg?

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Krieg remains my fav meat boi

Fire was more powerful in OP levels, but Buzz Axe Rampage was easily the most fun I had in BL2 when you hit areas with a lot of mobs!!

“Where is pretty lady?”


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